Saturday, 6 September 2014

FOTD/Get Ready With Me | Anniversary Dinner.

Hi everyone! My last Get Ready With Me style post seemed to be a pretty popular one so I thought I'd do another! I think they're quite nice to do for special occasions or events where you're putting a good bit of thought into your whole outfit and look. My last GRWM (link here) was for a college ball and so was pretty formal. This time round, I decided to do one for my 1 year anniversary dinner with my boyfriend. I had taken pictures of only my makeup and jewellery that night, because I didn't originally have the intentions of doing a GRWM post. I have no photos of the 2 of us, or the ridiculously good Italian food and cheesecake/gelato we ate which is ultimate sad face. I took pictures of the details of the dress and accessories the next day, so I'll definitely have to plan it better next time round if I had have been thinking. It'll be a wedding anniversary before I ever get around to planning anything half decently realistically. Butttt, because this is mostly a beauty blog, I figured the makeup was the most important thing really wasn't it?

The Dress:

I bought this dress from New Look around this time last year and I'm absolutely in love with it. The shape of the dress is really nothing special, it's a flowy skater skirt style dress on the bottom with string ties at the back (I have no idea why, because it doesn't tighten or loosen the actual dress but I suppose it's a nice detail!) But the top of the dress is what I love. The chest and shoulders have a beautiful mesh background with a sort of Baroque type design which I think is so elegant. A small portion of the upper back of the dress is mesh, too. I don't think you can ever go wrong with a LBD!

The Clutch:
This heart shaped clutch is completely impractical but super cute so I really don't care that it isn't a Mary Poppins "everything in it but the kitchen sink" bag. I got this from River Island quite a number of years ago, but I know that a bunch of different shops on the highstreet and online do these sort of bags in different patterns (I've definitely seen them in River Island, Urban Outfitters, New Look and I think Topshop!) I thought it looked beautiful with the lipstick and black dress (yes, I'm one of those matchy matchy girls it would seem). Fair warning, though, my boyfriend was carrying my phone in his pocket the entire evening and I could only fit in a lipstick (priorities!), 2 cards/ID, my keys and some free floating notes and change. Fun story while I'm talking about cards, my boyfriend and I (who are over the legal drinking age) were asked for ID when we asked for a bottle of wine and a Corona at the table in an Italian restaurant. I could understand a bar or off license but a small local restaurant? We laughed about it, and the waitress (unnecessarily) apologized for having to even ask but I still thought it was so strangely hilarious, I think I must look about 15!

With the statement neckline on my dress, I opted out of a necklace. I wore my Michael Kors watch, nothing new there so I didn't bother photographing it! I also wore my silver Alex and Ani bracelets (which can be purchased from Arnotts or Mint in Ireland) and a Nazar/Evil Eye bracelet. I got this in a pop up thrift shop 2 summers ago for a euro but every single shop or online jewellery store sells a variation of this! Finally, I wore my silver Pandora princess ring which was a beautiful gift from my boyfriend several months ago... Cue chubby infant fingers picture!

No fun acrylics this time round unfortunately! I didn't want to match my nails to my lips and bag, although you definitely could if you wanted to! I'm all about Autumn now and so I chose a deep dark brown burgundy shade that I can definitely see myself wearing plenty of times over the next few months! OPI's Visions of Love is a stunning mahogany red - the kind of colour I think everyone should have on their nails at some point during this season. 

We had a bit of an incident with the aul index finger, we shan't speak of it. 
Makeup Breakdown/FOTD:
I wanted to do something neutral (but defined) and mostly matte for my eyes. In true Grace style, I added winged liner and some individual lashes to the look. The only shimmer on my eyes was the inner corner which I used to bring some brightness to the eye. I'm getting more into individual lashes for person use, especially with neutral looks like this when I want a little more drama but not as much as a full strip. For skin, I went with subtle contour and veryyyy highlighted skin because I love the look of glowing cheeks under candlelit/dim restaurant lighting - super pretty! The lips are obviously the main focus of this look - I chose to wear my clutch and said it would be a crime not to match it with a pin up red lip! I don't think that this makeup look, or entire look should be confined to a date night - this would be perfect for a girls night out for cocktails or any special occasion. This is my go to neutral eye look, the Naked Basics Palette is something I wear at least 5 days a week or whenever I'm wearing makeup on a daily basis. This is easily the most neutral look I've ever done on my blog, some of you might be shocked to see that I didn't go out to eat carbonara with glitter lids (I definitely would have, by the way!)

Products Used:
  • Benefit Stay Flawless Primer
  • 17 Full Coverage Foundation - Ivory
  • Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - Dark Brown (review here)
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion - Eden
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - Foxy (lid/brow bone), Naked 2 (transition), Faint (crease), Crave (outer v), Venus (inner corner)
  • Essence Liquid Liner (upper lashline)/Urban Decay Perversion Glide-On Pencil (waterline)
  • Salon Services Individual Lashes (mix of medium & long)
  • MAC Blush - Prism (contour)
  • Wet n Wild blush - Heather Silk
  • Kiko Radiant Touch Highlighter - #100 (swatch and pictures of this beauty here)
  • MAC MSF - Soft & Gentle (I wasn't joking when I said I wanted glowy skin!)
  • MAC Lipliner - Brick
  • MAC Lipstick - Russian Red

Finally, I squirted some Vera Wang Princess on me before going out the door et viola! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my second GRWM style post - let me know what you thought below! Follow me on Twitter (@GraceyOConnell) and Instagram (LongHairAndLashes) and be sure to tell me if you'd be interested in more Get Ready With Me's :) x