Sunday, 14 August 2016

First Look | Wet n Wild 2016.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited along to a Wet n Wild event in Tropical Popical on South William Street. An evening of new makeup launches, manicures, prosecco and donuts? You had me at makeup (and I mean I'll take a donut while I'm there, too)... Wet n Wild is one of my favourite budget brands, I've featured them pretty heavily on my blog throughout the years so I'm always excited to see what they have new hitting the stands. I have a Wet n Wild lip swatch post in the works at the minute but until then I thought I'd share with you a small first look at some of the new products coming to Wet n Wild shelves this month. All of these will be in the permanent collection which is fab which means no crazy goose chase looking for the highlighting powder or metallic liquid lipstick. As a first look these are really just photos, some swatches and product information but if I have tried any of the items here already I will of course give a little mini review for you guys!
I also received an email the other day to confirm that Wet n Wild have just been approved by PETA as being totally cruelty free and saying no to animal testing - something I love to see from any makeup company, but particularly a budget brand.

I'm a big fan of Wet n Wild nail polishes and they've just launched 18 shades in a 1 step/no lamp-gel formula for €2.95. Polish chips so fast on me no matter what because my nails are so crap but I got my nails painted with this formula at the event and 4 days later it was still going strong (2 coats of the polish, sans top coat!) which is UNHEARD of for me, seriously. There's just some very minor tip wear but other than that they're pretty perfect. I can't wait to get more of these, the shade range is stunning.

Onto ze visage and there are loads of new goodies on offer; they have relaunched and repackaged their Colour Icon blushes (€3.95) which I'm already a big fan of. They've also added to the collection with 3 new shades (Rosé Champagne, Apri-Cot in the Middle, Fantastic Plastic Pink). I love this formula so I'm delighted to see them bringing out new colours - they've also made the pans bigger and you get more product in them.

There's something so satisfying about looking at the Contouring Palette (€5.95), I think it's the big round disc shape... maybe I'm weird. Anyway, I've been waiting for Irish stands to get this for over a year and it didn't disappoint. 2 matte shades (highlight and contour) in a really smooth and buttery texture. They are SO opaque and a beautiful undertone, they don't look chalky on the skin at all. Comparing it to the Seventeen Define and Conquer set, I would say the Wet n Wild highlight shade is slightly more yellow and a touch darker (only by half a shade though) and their contour powder is more neutral so not as warm which I really like.

Another really exciting and lovely product is the chubby double ended contour and highlight cream stick (€5.95) that looks almost identical to the NYX one in packaging. I haven't tried the highlight shade just yet but it looks really pale which is nice. I have tried the contour and I really really like it; it's creamy and glides on the skin from the stick without lifting your foundation underneath. I would definitely set this though so it doesn't slide about. The undertone of the contour is great - probably the coolest undertone of cream contour that I own. I also really like the ease of application with the stick so it's a thumbs up from me.

I know that in the states they genuinely can't keep the MegaGlo Highlighting Powders in stock and I can see why. Look at it. LOOK AT IT. I think they come in 2 shades; the one I have is the deeper one (Crown of My Canopy) but I am 100% going on the hunt for the paler one when it's officially released. This colour would make an amazing highlight for deep skin, it looks similar in tone to the likes of Peach Goddess by Jeffree Star but just a bit deeper. On me it is a medium toned very warm peach with gold shimmer so it would be best as a blush when I have a tan rather than an actual highlight. Regardless, the actual formula is just beautiful and so creamy - the payoff is amazing and I'm really really impressed with this!

I find it so hard to get excited about lipgloss and we got a couple in the goodie bag but 2 in particular did stand out to me and I wanted to share those with you! First up is the Megaslick glosses; I know these come in a million shades but the bright pink is really beautiful; a semi sheer but still pretty pigmented jelly style pink that looks great alone or layered over a lipstick. Next up is their "Metallic Liquid Lipstick" - this definitely isn't a liquid to matte style liquid lipstick we've come to know in the last few months but it is a beautiful item nonetheless. It's a very frosty and metallic peachy golden pink (basically if NARS Orgasm was made into a pigmented lip colour). I can really only get away with this when I have false tan on but I just can't stop looking at this shade, I think it is so beautiful!

New mascaras; MaxFanatic and Max Volume Waterproof (€5.95 each) are big fat plastic wands which is exactly how I like em. I haven't tried the waterproof one yet but the MaxFanatic has the coolest brush  - it actually looks like 2 or 3 different ones put together. There's a standard fat plastic wand on one side and a curved banana shape on the other side that tapers off into a pyramid shape - it is so bizarre and multi-dimensional and gives some serious lashes. I like the wand and the way it makes my lashes look but I've found the formula never fully dries on the lashes though so that's a cause for concern with me as it could lead to serious smudging!

They've launched an array of liners and I have 2 to share with you today; the Proline Felt Eyeliner and Proline Graphic (€4.50 each). The felt liner is so small and dinky - perfect for travel but with a really fine nib. I'm a brush tip liquid liner girl personally but I have tried this on a friend and it applied really matte and black, it also dries down really really quickly. It is pretty smudgeproof too after rubbing my finger over the back of my hand a couple of times to test the wear. There's a spring in the cap of this too which I feel like will prevent it from drying out as fast as other felt tip liners so if you are a fan of that style of pen (like I know my best friend is) then this is a great option. 
The graphic liner is quite chunky and I have only tested it out on the back of my hand but the Airliner Blue colour is absolutely stunning - I love this deep peacock kind of blue/green it is so unique for an eyeliner.

Lastly is the new Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer (€5.95). I have to admit I've never used an eyeshadow primer that wasn't Urban Decay Primer Potion or a MAC Paint Pot so I didn't really know what to expect from this but I think it's absolutely fab! It goes on clear so you'll probably need to conceal the lids or any dullness/veins beforehand but this stuff dries down so well and completely prevents creasing. It can be quite drying so I'd avoid if you have dry lids but definitely very comparable to the Urban Decay Original Primer Potion. If you have oily lids or just have problems with your eyeshadow slipping and sliding throughout the day I'd highly recommend this; I've been using this for almost a week now and like it just as much as my Urban Decay one.

This is the first time in a long time I've been so impressed with a budget brand's new launches across the board but I can't find many faults with most of their products. I think they just keep getting better and better, improving formulas and coming out with cooler products to rival higher end brands. My top picks are the gel polishes, the complexion products in general and the eyeshadow primer. Is there anything you're eyeing up from the new range? Let me know below! :)