Friday, 7 November 2014

My Inglot Eyeshadow Palettes + Swatches.

I've been a big Inglot eyeshadow fan for a few years now. I feel like it was such a small brand for a long time and lately has grown to be more popular than the likes of MAC among Irish girls. They're big into their Instagram and other social medias and have super talented makeup artists working on their counters so it's no surprise why they're getting so well known. It's so funny to me that when I first saw xSparkage mention Inglot, her and other beauty bloggers were talking about the struggles of finding Inglot stores (particularly in America) and now there are about 4 in Dublin alone! It's nice to see more stores popping up around the country (Galway needs one asap!) and with Inglot Ireland announcing their online store, I thought it would be a good opportunity to whip out my palettes and get swatching for you guys! 

In short; Inglot eyeshadows are pigmented, amazing quality and amount of product for the price and come in an array of colours and finishes. The high quality is pretty much the same for all Inglot shades I've tried. The only downside I have to Inglot is their numbering system - it's impossible to remember the numbers. That's the only reason why I refrain from using them too much in blog posts because I have to try and get them out of their palettes which is no fun for anyone involved! I would actually own more of their shadows if I kept a list of the shades I already own, because I'm always worried about getting doubles of the same shadow!


Numbers aside, they are amazing eyeshadows and that's what I'm going to focus on today, showing you the shades in my current collection and some of my favourites. They have a Freedom System whereby you choose the eyeshadows individually and put them into the Freedom System palette. These palettes come in loads of different sizes (2, 3, 5, 10, 20, even 40 eyeshadow slots!) and the Freedom System also extends into powders, blushes/bronzer/contour, lipsticks and concealers. These are SO ideal for both travel and makeup artistry. The prices of the palettes of course vary on the size, and are available on the Inglot Website. One thing I want to mention before I get into the shadows I own, is that Inglot also offer rainbow shades (in bright and neutral shades) which consist of 3 different shades of the same eyeshadow. I don't own any of these yet but will definitely be investing in some soon, it's worth looking online for swatches of those because I know they're super popular among Inglot fans!

I have #465 hidden in a little duo (rip to the other shade that smashed when it fell off my dressing table). This shade is a cool toned matte brown with floating gold glitter going through. Inglot have an array of finished, I know this one is Double Sparkle which is essentially a matte with some shimmer running through - no frost. They apply pretty much matte unless you pack the colour on over a sticky base and the glitter really just aids the blending.


First up are my more neutral shades, I have a 5 pan palette with mostly warm shades (with the exception of the black sheep grey shade) and then have the rest of my neutrals in a 10 pan palette!

#358 is a slate grey matte shade with slightly lilac/purple undertones, similar to MAC Copperplate. Super useful blending shade in a cool toned smokey eye.


#121 is a rusty red brown with silver shimmer. SO soft and lovely to use.

#407 is a melon orange shade with light gold pearl. This shade is so so so stunning, me laaaaavs! Definitely one I'd recommend for the uniqueness.

#368 is a pale creamy orange shade. It has a matte finish and works great as a peachy blending colour or even a blush! I don't own Peach Smoothie by Makeup Geek but I feel like they'd be very similar. It's slightly powdery but I think it's due to the light colour and matte texture.

#361 is a pale matte coral. Obviously it works great as an eyeshadow but I love this as a blush too.

L-R: 368, 361

#318 (top left) is a bog standard matte white. A good staple to have for a lot of people, and it's one of the better matte whites I've tried! If you don't have one already, I'd recommend it.

#110 is a really frosty pale white gold. Another beautiful lid or inner corner highlight shade! It's slightly sheer in base colour, but I really like that about it because it glows and reflects light beautifully with the shimmer alone.

#397 (top centre) is a slightly warm pink champagne. Works really well all over the lid or as a bright inner corner highlight. Really buttery and pigmented.

#463 a pale matte beige with gold glitter. This colour reminds me of sand (in a good way!) it goes on relatively matte on the lid with just a hint of sparkle.  It isn't the most pigmented shade, and almost blends in with my skin tone. Not one I'd highly recommend!

#344 (top right) is another matte grey. Very similar to #358 so I wouldn't say you need both. This one has more pink/malt undertones as opposed to lilac. I'd recommend either of these shades in a staple neutral palette!
#452 (bottom left) is a shimmery deep cranberry colour. It's a berry/maroon shade and it's beautiful. Again, super pigmented but nothing new there with Inglot!

#608 is a warm, almost orange toned matte brown with gold shimmer. This is very similar to Texture by MAC which I love. I actually prefer this one to Texture because it's slightly more orange but works beautifully as a blending colour. Probably my most used shade here. GET THIS COLOUR.
#421 (bottom centre) is a very warm toned bronze with silver shimmer. It has slightly copper undertones but isn't too red. Really pigmented and silky!

#326 a slightly lighter and cooler toned matte brown. Another good one to have, but I'd choose between this or 326 depending on your preference of cool or warm toned eyeshadows.

#329 (bottom right) is a super dark warm/red toned matte brown. Again, a good staple shade with a nice texture.

L-R: 318, 110, 452, 608
L-R: 397, 463, 421, 326
L-R: 344, 329
Onto my bright shades, I have another 10 pan palette with mostly pinks/purples (another exception being the matte teal which wouldn't fit in my other palette!) and then a 5 pan filled with blues/greens/yellows.

#66 (top left) is a bright, light purple with silver shimmed. Not the most pigmented shade, and goes on slightly patchy. Wouldn't recommend picking this one up - Inglot do far better purples!

#377 LIKE THIS ONE. #377 and the next shade I'm going to talk about are very similar, and unless you're a big purple wearer you probably (definitely) won't need both. They're nice to have, though. And I like to mix them together. If you see me wearing a purple matte in the crease, it's almost always this. It's a is a blue toned purple that I think everyone needs in their life.

#325 (top centre) is pretty much the exact same colour, it's of the same depth and texture except it has more of a red undertone. Both of these shades are very Poison Plum by Sugarpill-esque. Super pigmented and don't fade like a lot of matte purples. 

#482 is a deep indigo violet with silver shimmer. I don't use this shade enough, it's really beautiful and would work amazingly in a jewel toned smokey eye.

#434 (top right) is probably slightly out of place in this palette but it's a cool shade to have. It's quite a chameleon colour because if I put it in a neutrals palette it looks very cool toned taupey brown but paired with the purples it looks like it could also go with a deep plum look. It isn't a dupe for Satin Taupe by any means, but the undertones work in the same way so I think this is a good one to own!
#109 (bottom left) is a pale frosty pink. Not the kind of shade I'd typically go for, but this applies almost like a white with a pink duochrome. It's a pretty unique shade, I love pale pastel duochromes like this because you don't get them with every brand! I've used this in more neutral looks too and it doesn't look overly pink or sickly, super pretty.

#362 is a matte bubblegum pink. It's not super neon, like Savage from the Electric Palette but it is definitely a bright colour. I use this as a blush mostly because it isn't suuuper pigmented.

#487 (bottom centre) is a midtoned grey lavender pink with some shimmer. This looks very similar to Trax by MAC in the pan, and the apply pretty similar too. The only difference is a lot of the sparkle in the Inglot one is lost when it's on the eye. Still a pretty shade if you wanted something more matte, but if you were looking for it purely for the shimmer then that's something to keep in mind!

#72 is a bright red toned raspberry purple with multicoloured shimmer.

#338 (bottom right) is a bright matte teal colour. Love this one, but it's very fragile and I have crumbled bits off it several times. boo-urns.. I'd of course still recommend it though, it's a beautiful shade and very pigmented.

L-R: 66, 377, 109, 362
L-R: 325, 482, 487, 72
L-R: 434, 338

#370 is a true bright canary matte yellow. Not neon, but definitely very bright. A matte yellow is hard to get right, and Inglot definitely succeeded with this one. If you're a fan of brights and have been looking for a good yellow, this is your guy!

#59 is a true lime/chartreuse green with gold glitter. The glitter shows up very faintly but it applies pretty much like a matte.

#372 is a really unique shade in my opinion. It's a matte mint green and it's absolutely gorgeous. I used this in a FOTD back when I first started my blog and used it all over the lid with a brown in the crease. I definitely need to bust this out again with some brighter colours!

#504 is a stunning shade, and a pretty popular one among Inglot fans. It's a cross between a jungle green and aqua blue with silver shimmer.
#322 (right) is a matte basic blue. Not quite sky blue, not quite cobalt. I feel like it's one of those shades of blue that was in the first ever packet of Crayola crayons.

L-R: 370, 59, 372
L-R: 504, 322
Phew! And that's everything. Sorry if this post was long, I think it's more photo and swatch heavy than anything. I hope this was helpful to some of you looking to start or even expand your Inglot collection. The numbers are such a pain, and I know my swatches don't correspond exactly with the palette photos. I did include the numbers under each swatch though, but if you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask! Let me know your favourite products or eyeshadows from Inglot below! :) x