Sunday, 15 February 2015

Empties #2 | Mini Reviews.

You know the drilllll. Going through my beauty bin and giving ye all mini reviews on products I've completely used up! And, most importantly, would I repurchase them! My first empties post is here if you're interested in reading some more of my smaller reviews :)

1. First up is another one of the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush shower gels. I featured this in my last empties post and said it smelled amazing (like vanilla and kiwi-lime). I also got this one in a gift set, and brought it (brand new) with me to my new house in Galway. These last forever because they lather up so well and you get such a big bottle. The only annoying thing about this particular bottle was that the pump broke after my first use! As I said in the other post, I would repurchase pretty much any Soap and Glory shower gel eventually.. but for now I've just cracked open a new bottle of Lush Snow Fairy!

2. Keeping in theme with the shower, this Yves Rocher raspberry shower gel/exfoliator duo was a nice shower gel, and smelled amazing. I definitely wouldn't rely on it for an exfoliator though! It just isn't scrubby enough, so I prefer to stick to my Soap and Glory sugar scrub style products. I definitely like the scent, though, and will probably repurchase this... WHEN I'M LIVING IN FRANCE NEXT YEAR AHHHH! (sorry, had to get that in there).

3. Secondly is the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force conditioner. I reviewed the range back when I first started my blog (click here to see my review of all the products!) and absolutely love it. My last empties post actually featured the shampoo. This time round, it's the conditioner which is my second or third bottle so clearly, I really enjoy it. I'm currently using a different keratin based shampoo and conditioner, which will hopefully be in my next empties post or perhaps in a separate post reviewing them. Once I'm finished with them, I will more than likely go back to my Fibre Force because they're easier to get a hold of!

4. I go through setting powder like no other... I'm an oil slick and it is not cute! I recently used up the Catrice All Matt Plus powder.. I promise that's the name, not that you could tell from the packaging at this stage! I used this as my day time powder because it's inexpensive and gives no extra coverage. This was just okay. I didn't find it super mattifying for very long. I'd compare it to the likes of Rimmel Stay Matte and the Collection translucent pressed powders. They do the job, are inexpensive but I go through them quite quickly because I have to keep reapplying. A grand powder if you're just looking to quickly set your makeup, but I'm currently trying a different powder for every day use so I haven't repurchased. I am very interested in their supposed waterproof matte powder, though!

5. The last item I have is the Maybelline gel eyeliner. I was using this on myself at one stage when I first got it, and thought it was pretty nice. Now, however, I'm a die hard old school liquid eyeliner girl for doing winged liner on myself. That being said, I use gel eyeliner in my kit and on other people. I had a makeup job this week and needed to get a new gel liner, and subsequently throw this one away because it was dried up (it did last ages, though!). I repurchased the Maybelline one, but ONLY because it was handy to get in Boots and I didn't have any other options. If you're a gel eyeliner fanatic, I wouldn't be raving over this. It is nice for the price and doesn't really transfer, but I just don't think it's as black as it could be. Next time, and in terms of recommending a gel liner to someone, I would go for the Inglot one! They have an online store where you can order it (and plenty of shops around Dublin/Cork/Limerick!). It's not as pricey as the MAC (or Bobbi Brown) ones. Paying a little more than the Maybelline one but it is as black as my soul and doesn't budge once it is on the eye.

What products have you just finished that you will or won't be repurchasing? Let me know below! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter: @GraceyOConnell, Instagram: @LongHairAndLashes and Bloglovin' :)