Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Makeup Organization/Storage Part 1 | Vanity & Dressing Table Space.

I have to admit, makeup organization brings me almost as much joy as kittens and Netflix... maybe even more than Netflix. I personally love watching organization videos and reading blog posts because I'm always looking for inspiration on how to store my makeup in ways that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, particularly when it's sitting on top of my dresser. I have gotten so many fantastic ideas from YouTubers, bloggers and just generally thinking up DIY ideas myself that I thought I would share them with you all.
 Functionality but also neatness (for the most part... I must admit my organization is a bit of an organized chaos but it works for me!) and something that fits in with my room is key for me. I recently got my room done up and changed a lot of my makeup storage. Now I'm finally happy with it and thought I could show you some ideas for how to store your makeup items, regardless of whether your collection is little or large! 

While my collection at home is pretty, ehm, extensive (unnecessary and ridiculous), I had to downsize and carefully choose what I brought with me to my house in college last year. Most importantly, I had to organize and store it in the most efficient way considering the space wasn't as big so I feel like I've learned a few tips and tricks along the way on how to store things for all kinds of spaces and on a budget. Some of these things are a little more expensive than others, but a lot of it can be found in most homeware stores at a pretty low cost. Part one is going to be looking specifically at the acrylic storage and things that I keep on my dresser, or outside of my IKEA Alex (which I'll go into more detail on in part 2!) I won't be doing a full disclaimer because a) no one should have to, despite a lot of stick they get for uploading "storage/collection/organization" videos/blog posts and b) I'm simply giving you a look into some of my collection, and I'd rather people took from it the organization tips rather than "LOOK AT THESE LIPSTICKS I HAVE". As I said before, I have gotten so many fantastic ideas from others and their storage videos/posts, so I'm just trying to pass on what works for me - and might for you! This is definitely going to be a long post so grab some tea and biscuits and join me in my obsession with all things acrylic. Makeup organization is something I feel very strongly about - and world peace, too, obviously. 

My dressing table is where I sit down most mornings/evenings to do my makeup, and I like having a lot of my stuff displayed on it so I can easily grab for things. Also, I find that the more I can see my makeup, the more I use it and try new things which is always nice. I have some shelving above my vanity to store palettes, cotton buds and cotton tips in little dishes (cute ice cream ones from Dunnes - their home section is great for things like that), as well as lipliners and blushes (which I'll talk about more in a moment). Shelving is great if you can put it up because you're building up and not taking up lots of space on a dressing table.

When it comes to what's on my actual dresser; I have to admit I'm a bit of an acrylic organizer freak. You can find them in a lot of different places for different price ranges, shapes and sizes and they just work so well. I bought a large acrylic organizer from Home Store and More to hold most of my foundations, concealers, mini primers and it also has a little part for lipsticks which is perfect. I have a few different acrylic lipstick organizers to hold different shapes or amounts of lipsticks. Honestly, they all work the same so there's no real benefit in photographing every last one of them. However, I thought I'd show some of them that will hold just a few lipsticks, and also those that will hold lots of lipsticks if that's what you need. 

Large acrylic holder - Home Store and More
I've found that Home Store and More have the best range of acrylic holders that you can easily buy in person and that have a variety of shapes and sizes. Dealz on the rare occasion have the circular lipstick holders for €1.49 which is so handy but if you don't find the circular ones in Dealz, HS&M always have them for a euro or two more. Tiger have the x9 square lipstick holders from time to time which are worth keeping an eye out for too. TKMaxx is another shop where you can find lots of different shapes and sizes of organizers for more than just lipsticks, although the one I got there was only about €14 and holds 24 lipsticks! If all else fails, try eBay! The quality of plastic is a lot thinner, but they have plenty of organizers to choose from with prices starting at about €2! Since I have drawers in my dressing table unit, I store a lot of what won't fit on top of my dresser in the drawers, including skincare and, obviously, more lipstick. The nation sighs. 

Lipstick holder - TKMaxx
Lipstick holder - eBay. The drawer underneath was from Home Store & More and I decided to stack them to save space!
Lipstick holder - Tiger
Lipstick holder - Home Store & More, Dealz, TKMaxx... I've seen these ones everywhere!
Moving on from lipstick, but sticking with acrylic, are the Muji drawers. This is not a new thing, plenty of beauty bloggers have been storing their makeup in these for years - and with good reason. They're sleek, they come in a few different sizes/depth and you can see exactly what you have. They're also stackable so you can build up, add onto them or keep things like brushes on top to save storage space. These aren't the cheapest, I think they were around €25 but hey, they work!

Muji Drawers
Back to lipstick (sort of) and Tiger. I'll be talking a little more about stuff they have for organization in my next post but I thought I'd mention this little guy I picked up for about 2 euro ages ago. I keep it on top of my muji box to hold my Real Techniques sponge and the likes, but I also used it in my room in college to hold some lipsticks... so there you go!

From Tiger and works great for lipstick too!
The last big thing I keep on top of my dresser is probably the most basic bitch thing in the world, but it's a little letterbox/caddy thing I got for Christmas honestly about 6+ years ago. Yes, I am a hoarder but this thing works perfectly to hold palettes! It's purple, it has hearts and cats on it so you know I'm gonna be using it for something. You don't need to go out and buy lots of expensive storage all the time - have a look around your room and see what you already have! Is this thing old enough to be called vintage yet?!
Keeping in theme with palette holders... IKEA had this cute napkin holder for less than the price of a happy meal and sure didn't I see it and think "I can fit a palette in that..." so that's what I did! I technically keep it on top of my Alex and not on my dresser but, shush!

Super old tacky caddy that confirms the fact that I should be on Hoarders...
Napkin, ahem, palette holder - IKEA

I keep most of my brushes in these IKEA tea light holders that I place on my Muji drawers. They come in 2 or 3 different sizes in pink, white and green and you can easily personalise them by sticking things to them (like a pug sticker...) or painting them. I keep some other brushes in tealight holders I had knocking about my house and that I just thought looked nice with the heart cut outs.. I'm pretty sure these were from a Poundland (no expense spared here, lads) and to give a lil' DIY, I cleaned out an old Yankee Candle jar and stuck some boarder stickers and jems from Dealz on it - you could also add ribon... Anything to make them look cute and fit in with the theme of your room. Over the years I've used mugs, cups and pretty glasses to store brushes so use whatever you have laying around your house! Another Blue Peter DIY was cleaning out an old candle jar from Primark that I thought was so nice and I wanted to display it in my room but also have a purpose so now it houses my lipliners and stays on my shelf.

Last but not least is... a toast rack! Yep. This baby was given to me by my granny YEARS ago because I thought it was pretty and was identical to the cream bin in my room (I'm 99% sure they were both from Dunnes... good ol' Dunnes) I keep this on my shelve and store blushes and compacts in it, it works great for palettes, too.

And that's everything for part 1! I hope this gave someone a few ideas on how to store their makeup or where to pick up some bits from. You'd be surprised what you could use by just looking in your own house. I promise part 2 will be shorter! :')