Saturday, 25 July 2015

Review | SOSU Nail Polish.

I had read a couple of reviews on the SOSU polishes when they first launched, which were equally split between the general idea that they were either absolutely amazing or very so-so. When I got an email asking if I'd like to try them, I gratefully accepted and decided I'd put them to the test myself and maybe add in my own two cents on the polishes. I do think it's absolutely amazing to see an Irish blogger and young business woman be given the opportunity to launch her own range of nail polishes, and is definitely something that should be celebrated.

I received four colours from the line which I'll review individually below. There are 25 polishes altogether so you're bound to find a shade that interests you, ranging from creams to shimmers, pastels to darks and everything in between. Available from pharmacies across the country and Penneys, retailing at €7.99 each. They're marketed as a "gel" nail polish with its selling point being it's "chip resistant" for "up to 5 days" and, as a reference, I used a Sally Hansen base coat and top coat on all the polishes, as I would with any nail polish from my collection. With all that said, let's get onto the individual polishes I was sent to try!

SOSU Nail Polish 
First Date
First Date was the first polish I tried. 2 coats and it was opaque. A nice creamy vibrant red. Not the most unique of shades, but a good colour to have in a nail polish collection. After day one I had minor chipping on my pinky finger but by the end of day two my nails were chipped to pieces. I work in retail, but it's by no means a super hands on job. I've found the new Rimmel Rita Ora polishes to last my entire shift with no chips, so it left me a bit disappointed. One thing I will say about this polish though, is that it is seriously shiny which I definitely did enjoy. I was sitting in the car and my mother even remarked how glossy my nails looked at the start of day two. In that sense, I would say yes it looks like a gel polish on the nails, but longevity wise makes me think it's just like a regular nail polish.

Private Jet
Continuing on with a cream formula, Private Jet is a standard black. Again, two coats and it was opaque. It was really shiny for the first day but I noticed it dulled a little after wearing it for a while, something First Date didn't do. Again, not a super unique colour but probably a good staple for a lot of people in their nail polish collection. Like with First Date, I appreciated the glossy gel like finish, but the lasting power is just not of a gel standard. I completely forgot to include a picture but by the end of day two Private Jet looked much like First Date (although there was a little more chipping/peeling and uplifting of the polish from the nail with this one, perhaps something to do with the colour?)

Good As Gold
Next was one of the shimmer polishes - Good As Gold. Not a colour I'd pick for myself, but it was an antique gold with silver shimmer running through. The chipping damage was much the same as the rest by the end of day two. This took 3 coats to get really opaque but I have to be honest, I wasn't a fan of this one at all on the nails. I don't know if it was the colour or the shimmer but you might be able to see in the day 2 photo that it, for lack of a better term, "bubbled up" on the nail and showed every ridge or dent on my nails. Not smooth or jelly looking like a typical gel polish, so I don't think I'd recommend that one at all.

Angel Kisses
Lastly is the most unique shade from the bunch. Whilst I don't think the colours here in this post really reflect the diverse range as a whole (because there are some amazing looking brights and pastels), I do think the glitter shades are really gorgeous. Angel Kisses is a translucent pink with holographic multi-coloured glitter. This, like most glitter polishes, isn't something you lash on and is opaque in 2 or 3 coats. This is definitely a glitter topcoat so I would always pair it with a regular cream or shimmer finish polish underneath. That being said, it was still a really lovely polish and my favourite one out of the bunch. It lasted 3 days without chipping or peeling. Angel Kisses reminds me of a limited edition OPI colour from the Katy Perry collection years ago - it looks absolutely beautiful on the nail and is one I would recommend.

Angel Kisses (+ Essie's Go Ginza underneath)
Overall? Look, regardless of whether I'm sent something, I think it's important to review it as if you had spent your own money on it, safe in the knowledge that that's potentially what someone reading your own review will do. These polishes aren't the worst I've tried, but they're definitely not the best either and if I had have spent my own money on them, I would be disappointed in half of them. I think the other shades in the range are nice, so if you go by shades alone by all means buy one or two that you like the colour of. The finish of the creams is gorgeous and definitely gel like, but these are NOT a gel polish because they just don't last. I don't think I'd be as hard on them if they weren't marketed as a gel, but they were sold as that and didn't perform quite as I would have liked. To echo Chloe from Nurse Fancy Pants: "bottom line for me here is if you buy these knowing they won't wear like a gel polish then work away and God speed, Otherwise you'll risk disappointment." I think if you were to pick up one or two, pick up a cream finish in a shade you really liked or thought was so unique you couldn't get it from another brand (because First Date was seriously glossy looking and lovely), and then a glitter one because I do actually think that out of all the finishes they were the nicest ones, and worth the 8 euro. 

What do ye think? Have you bought any from the range and made it really last up to 5 days? If you did, please let me know below what you used under/over the polishes because I'd love to see how others get on with them. If you haven't tried any of the SOSU polishes, let me know your favourite brands and formulas below! x