Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Springsheen Cheeks | Urban Decay, Tarte, Too Faced.

Is it spring yet? I am so ready to bust out the pretty blushes and fresh skin.

Technically not a blush or cheek product but the Boots Botanic Radiance Balm is one of my favourite drugstore/affordable skin or complexion items. I used this constantly when I first bought it, and told everyone to buy it when I was working in Boots over the summer. I didn't bring it with me when I first went to France and missed it so desperately when I was away so I'm glad it's back in my life now. I can't believe I've never mentioned this on my blog before, I think it was because I bought it when it blew up in the blogging community as a MAC Strobe Cream dupe and just agreed with everyone's 5 star reviews that I didn't feel the need to chime in. Regardless, this is a stunning product and is so cheap; it's generally always on offer for about €4. Essentially it's a glowing lotion for the face. This gives such a beautiful silver/pink sheen to the skin and just makes it look so so healthy. As someone who is oily I was initially weary about this but it's really beautiful. I don't really find it breaks my makeup down quicker or makes me look any shinier any faster during the day so I use this when I want a glowy primer and moisturizer combination, particularly under a lighter foundation to let the sheen peek through. If you have dry or dehydrated skin I would definitely suggest this as a primer over your moisturizer. It smells amazing too, you just neeeeeed it ALRIGHT.

It wouldn't be a cheek related post without a highlighter mention. My current favourite one is the Catrice mineral glow baked highlighter. It isn't the softest in the world but it is super pigmented and frosty without having Soft and Gentle style chunks of glitter. If you like a dramatic highlight and are on a budget this right here is ya gal. It works great with pale skin because it has a more silver/pink sheen than anything that is too beige or golden. 

I sang Urban Decay's praises when they came out with their 8 hour Afterglow blushes last spring/summer and Score has been a shade that is rarely out of my makeup bag. It was one of the 3-4 blushes I took with me to France (excessive, I know, but still...) and it's one I wear almost every day. Although this probably isn't an exclusively "spring" blush I think it's a great time to wear those pink coral with gold shimmer style colours. The formula is so smooth and long lasting, I'm a massive fan.

Tarte is a brand that is next to impossible to get in Ireland but when a relative was in Canada last year their Amazonian Clay blushes were one of the first things on my list. I chose the shade Captivating (although I'm kicking myself I didn't get Exposed, too!) Anyway, this is a really lovely matte peach coral. This is SUPER pigmented, I don't know why but I was expecting them to be quite sheer, particularly because at first touch in the pan they're not super soft or creamy. I was so wrong. The pigmentation is wonderful and much like the Urban Decay blushes, they are really long lasting. I think the shade is really beautiful for the spring time, too. 

I'm not gonna sit here behind my screen and lie to you; I 100% initially bought a Too Faced Love Flush Blush entirely for the packaging. My stand in the local Sephora only seemed to have 2 or 3 shades, but I think American Sephora has quite a few more which I'll definitely be looking into next time I'm doing up a stateside makeup list but this has me very happy for now. First off like can we get back to the packaging? It looks like a feckin' Polly Pocket the 90's kid in me is only delighted. I suppose it's what inside that counts though, yeah? Baby Love is a rosy nude with some very subtle gold shimmer. I will admit that this kicks up quite a bit of powder when you stick your brush in, but the shade itself and formula is overall really beautiful. It blends so effortlessly on the skin. It lasts a long time on the skin, too, I was impressed. I think this shade is honestly great at any time of the year, and would look so stunning on anyone who has a spring or summer wedding to go to. 

L-R: Urban Decay Score, Tarte Captivating, Too Faced Baby Love, Catrice Highlighter.
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