Tuesday, 1 December 2015

NEW | Kiko Cosmetics.

Moving to France and having two Kiko stores 5 minutes away from me is a dangerous thing. In my recent trip I saw they had quite a few new bits; their 2015 holiday collection was released, along with an expansion into their permanent lipstick and liner range. I picked up one thing from each bit... all for blogging purposes, of course. 


First up is their new Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner. I'm pretty sure these are permanent, and they are absolutely beautiful. They're a little pricier than their regular lip liners (around €7 if I remember correctly) but it's still a decent price. They have SO many shades, quite a lot of them are very similar, they have two or three of a lot of the same shades but they are so lovely. The packaging really reminded me of Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheats. I've only swatched the CT liners on the back of my hand but the product seems to feel a very similar way. It's slightly waxy/gel in feel and really glides over the lip. I love to overline my lip line and this (and the CT offering) make it very easy to do that without it looking super obvious. Finally, this stuff stays on SO well, the lasting power is insane. I picked up a deep rosey nude, #303 and will definitely be picking up a few more, I think they're absolutely lovely.

To go with the lip liner, I obviously had to (HAAAAAD to... there was someone holding a gun to my head) try their new lipsticks. I believe these are just called the Creamy Lipsticks but you won't miss them among the range because they have such badass packaging. It reminds me a bit of Urban Decay with the shiny gunmetal casing. It has a cute gold button on the top that you click to release the lipstick - it's the little things. Even the bullet inside itself is lovely. There's plenty of these lipstick to choose from, too, and I think they're meant to accompany the lip liners in that sense. They're super opaque and creamy, I'd liken them to an Amplified finish by MAC. I chose #102, slightly deeper milky pink but not quite a rose, to go with the lip liner. I've worn these together quite a lot now and I have to say they look lovely together. The lipstick feels so comfortable on the lips. If you suffer from super dry lips, especially in winter, then I think this liner and lipstick combination would be great!

Last but certainly not least is something I picked up from their limited edition holiday/Christmas collection. Kiko always have particularly amazing packaging for their limited edition collections and this year is no exception. It screams festive to me with the red geometric design. Is the casing bulky? Yes. Do I still love it? Of course. They brought out two "Moon Dust Face Powder" - blushes, to you and me, and I decided to go with Fairy Mauve. They have a gorgeous marbled pattern with a sheen to them that looks beautiful on the cheeks, nothing too glittery or frosty. The reason I'm so excited about this is because it looks super similar to the old version of MAC's Warm Soul blush. They changed the colour completely when they changed the packaging and I was not a happy bunny - I know it was the same for a lot of people. They're not identical, but the texture, finish and general shade is so close and something I haven't been able to find a "dupe" for until now so I'm very very happy about this one. If you missed out on old Warm Soul I would say pick this up online. It's stunning! 

Top-Bottom: Lipstick, lip liner, Moon Dust face powder.
Have you tried anything from Kiko in the past? I have so many of their products that I love... with them being more available to UK and Irish readers online I might do a brand focus on Kiko soon. As always, don't forget to keep up to date with me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Blog Lovin' :)