Monday, 14 December 2015

The One Eyeshadow Lookbook.

If you follow me on Instagram, it would probably seem that the aim of my FOTD posts is to put as many eyeshadows onto my eyelid as possible. While that is great fun altogether, truth be told ain't nobody got time for that - certainly not me on a daily basis. The "one eyeshadow look" is a personal favourite of mine and is so easy to achieve given the right products. These are just some my favourite things to use when I want to achieve a quick and easy smokey eye that looks like I put tonnes of effort in but secretly spent 5 minutes sloppily applying. I think this is perfect for a lazy student like me who would prefer an extra 20 minutes in bed, someone who isn't super confident in their makeup application skills/simply doesn't like fussing around with loads of different eyeshadows or, for those moments when you get a text planning a last minute night out with your gal pals. You can easily take one or even two of these products (if you're really feeling extra fancy) instead of an entire eyeshadow palette. I'd suggest adding a wing/smudging some kohl pencil around the eyes, tonnes of mascara and maybe even lashes and you've got a really well put together eye look in no time. 

I have quite a lot of "one eyeshadow" looks in my arsenal, and certain go-to colours in my collection. I decided to pick a few that I think would look particularly lovely this time of year. First up are the cream products. I've already harped on about the Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow and some of my other favourite cream eyeshadows (full post here if you're interested in seeing more!) but I think these two work particularly well at an autumnal/winter appropriate party eye. I messily apply them all over the lid and buff them out with a fluffy synthetic brush. Some messy eyeliner at the roots of the lashes, mascara and that is my go-to college eye makeup. You could easily put some bronzer or a light brown shadow in the crease to give a bit more definition but day to day these work great for me. They have seriously good lasting power for a cream, too. #37 is a stunning cranberry burgundy and #05 is a really nice mix of taupe and purple with silver sparkle. 

Sticking with the cream shadow variety is one I didn't mention in my previous blog post, but it's the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow. Yep. Use it in ya brows, use it on your eyelids, use it to write your name with a fancy calligraphy pen, use it to cure world hunger. Obviously this stuff worked great in the brows, but it also works great as a liner or eyeshadow buffed lightly (or layered) on the eyelid. You can easily use this as a base for a deep chocolate smokey eye but if you're looking for a simply matte one shadow look then grab a synthetic brush and carry on with ya bad self. I've used this in a pinch and really liked the results, it doesn't budge so I'd say give it a go if you're packing light for a trip or just want to try something new!

Cocoa Mauve by H&M has quickly become one of my most used eyeshadows. It's very similar to MAC's Blackberry but costs a fiver. The pigmentation is really nice and the cool plum mauve is a beautiful shade for this time of year, especially with berry lips. These kind of colours look great with a winged liner for a plum smokey eye that takes two seconds to apply. If you're feeling fancy you can buff a matte colour like this into the crease/lower lashline and apply the silver/taupe/purple cream stick along the lid which is another very quick and put together look that I've been wearing on a daily basis. This looks fab with or without eyeliner so it's one I'd recommend if you don't have a load of time in the mornings.

Uninterrupted was love at first sight for me. I use this colour so so much and it's one I think everyone should own in their makeup bag. I often use this as a transition colour for bronze/black smokey eyes but it is such a fantastic eyeshadow for lazy girls out there who like that sleepy, slightly messy grunge eye. Admittedly, it looks like absolute crap in the pan, a weird mustard poo brown colour but that's the beauty of it. If you have blue eyes, just buy this. BUY IT RIGHT NOW. Pull up the MAC website and then return to this post, I'll wait, honestly I will. Anyway, back to Uninterrupted. It is so multipurpose. If you want a one eyeshadow look that looks like you've used more that one colour, I'd suggest buffing this softly all around the eye, under the lower lashline and blowing it out - softening it really brings out the mustard tones in the shade. Then, really pack it on the lid to make it appear more of a typical brown neutral fading into a warm mustard. Add some super dark and smudgy liner to the waterline and roots of the lashes and you are done. I LOVE how this looks with a dark berry lip. A bold lip is another really simple way to look very put together. That, paired with Uninterrupted is a great winter makeup look for last minute nights out. Oh, and if you feel like getting fancy with 2 colors again: Uninterrupted buffed into the crease/lower lashline with the cranberry Kiko pencil is all kinds of flame emoji bizznizzzzz. 

Honestly, if I had 2 of those Kiko sticks, Uninterrupted eyeshadow and my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette I'd probably never look for another eyeshadow again... Okay, well... ;)