Saturday, 16 April 2016

Empties April 2016 | Skincare, Haircare, Makeup.

I feel like I could easily do one of these once every two months - there's something so satisfying about finishing up a product and throwing it in the bin. Is that ridiculous? It probably definitely is. 

Let's start with skincare. This feckin' product. I'm blue in the face featuring it and bashing it on my blog and yet I can't stop buying it. Hear me out here first. When I'm at home with regular laundry services I am 100% for a hot cloth oil/calm cleanse to remove makeup but unfortunately I don't have that luxury this year in France. So, micellar water is what I'm about at the minute. I'm not a fan of them in general, they're just grand. Yano? They do the job, ish, and I just rely on a good face wash after it. Garner was the first one I ever tried and wasn't overly impressed. I've tried a few more since and haven't gotten on super well with them either, but this is one of the cheaper and more effective ones - plus it's super easy to find anywhere I am (and comes in mini bottles for travelling) so until I'm back in Ireland, this is what I'm using. I hate to say this, but realistically I've already repurchased this. 

Another micellar water. This is the Sephora brand - a brand I have previously gotten along with really well when it comes to their skincare. Not this time, unfortunately. Triple action cleansing water my arse. The 50ml was really handy when I was getting on a plane to Toulouse but I didn't enjoy using this at all - it stung my eyes and cheeks quite badly so it's a no from me and for anyone with sensitive skin. I think I'll keep the bottle to decant bigger micellar bottles into for when I'm travelling though - actually I'll definitely be doing this let's not lie to ourselves here. 

A firm budget skincare favourite of mine is the BiorĂ© Charcoal face wash. You can generally find this in Boots on offer and if you have oily or blemish prone skin I'd recommend picking this up. It has a really nice tingly sensation and foams up quite well but doesn't dry out the skin too much - just the right amount to get the excess oil and dirt off the surface of the skin. I'm going back home this weekend and will absolutely be picking up another one of these to take back with me to France. 

Who doesn't love the sound of an aul reparative jojoba oil silicone free conditioner? I hadn't tried any of the Yves Rocher hair care but after having pretty good luck with their shower gels I decided to give this a go. Another "naaaaah" product - I'll be sticking to their shower gels. This just did nothing; my hair was still super frizzy and knotty when I came out of the shower. Ain't nobody got time fo' that.

People are usually pretty shocked when they ask me what liquid eyeliner I use and my response is one that costs less than €2. I've been using the Essence Liquid Liner for YEARS - probably about 5 years at this stage and I always go back to it. Sometimes I'll buy gel but I'll always have this on hand. It's so small, easy to fit in your purse and costs peanuts. The formula doesn't budge or transfer onto the lid - I've gone to bed with my makeup on (don't judge, Judy) and have woken up with my liner still "on fleek" as they say. The only problem I have with this is that it doesn't have the mattest of matte finishes, it isn't bad but I've been on the hunt for a more matte offering so when I find one I'll get back to you. Either way, I'll always repurchase this lil' gem.

It took me years of hearing all the rave reviews to purchase the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. A firm favourite among bloggers it was love at first use - I'm pretty sure I featured it in a yearly favourites on my blog at some point. I've gone through about 5 of these and I really enjoy them. They're good coverage and pretty decent lasting power, especially for the price. The shade selection isn't great, and it's a little bit dark/noticeable on my skin if I don't have any foundation on so that's the only real downside. I've since found an amazing budget friendly concealer (see below, yo') so I probably won't repurchase this for a while - but that's not to say it isn't a fab product!

Ah. Catrice. Not the easiest brand to find if you're outside of Ireland or maybe Germany but if you're in Ireland and haven't tried Catrice then you need to get your bum down to Penneys and raid the shelves NOW. I had tried (and really enjoyed) the Catrice camouflage cream pot concealer about a year ago and saw they had a liquid version which I thought would just be more up my street. I was so right. So, so right. This stuff is amazing - I actually prefer it to my UD Naked Skin concealer and it's a fraction of the price. The shade selection sucks for women of colour but if you're pale then this is amazing. It's so lightweight feeling, full fulllll coverage and sets pretty well with minimal creasing meaning it is really long lasting. I've found this works equally well for blemishes and under the eyes, too. I can't recommend this stuff enough - this is actually my second tube and I've since purchased another one. A clear indicator of how much I loved this guy was that I actually cracked the stopper off the bottle to dig into the concealer more when it was on its last legs. No shame. 

Another Catrice product; I swear they have some of the best affordable products on the market. I'd heard Siobhan from Letz Makeup on Youtube talk about this powder before and again, it took me ages to getting around to purchasing it. If you are oily and need an indestructible setting powder - you NEED this. It's their Prime and Fine Mattifying Waterproof. It comes in a really nice compact with a mirror so I always keep this in my bag for touchups (although admittedly I don't have to powder my nose half as much during the day since I've been using this to set my makeup). It's transparent so adds pretty much no colour or coverage, it just does a fantastic job of setting down the makeup and keeping shine at bay. It also gives the skin a really beautiful smoothing look to the skin, which again is great for anyone with enlarged pores or blemishes. I bought a new one of these the same day that I bought my 3rd tube of the concealer. Match made in heaven. I mean, just look at the picture it is mucho loved, clearly. 

What are some of your latest products to go in your beauty bin? Let me know below if you've used any of the products mentioned and how you got on with them! Be sure to follow my blog via Bloglovin' to get posts right to your inbox :)