Tuesday, 5 April 2016

MAC x Ariana Grande | Viva Glam.

I've spoken about my love of MAC Viva Glam on my blog before, particularly with Viva Glam Miley (please read here for more information on why I LOVE the MAC AIDS fund). Unfortunately I didn't get to feature Miley II (a matte orange toned red) on my blog before they announced their new VG girl - Ariana Grande. Regardless of the VG spokesperson, I always get excited about a new lipstick release. I'm not too far gone on Ariana Grande, I could take her or leave her to be honest, but ya gal is not gonna deny I do love me a dark lipstick. In any case, I'm here today to bring you MAC's new lipstick offering for 2016 and hopefully it's something you guys are interested in checking out!

Viva Glam Ariana lipstick is a deep, matte plum. I don't think this colour in general is very unique - realistically most brands have a deep plum colour but it is more unusual for a Viva Glam shade which I think is great. It isn't the first colour I think of when I think of spring and summer but obviously makeup has no rules so I think anyone could wear this colour any time of year and still make it look fab; you do you boo boo. I know a lot of my friends love dark lips for nights out so this is definitely one I'd suggest picking up if you're a vampy lips fan. Regardless of the colour or formula, Viva Glam is always something I'm going to buy and recommend other makeup lovers buy; I have colours similar, you probably do too but either way if you're a MAC or Ariana Grande fan you're probably going to pick this up anyway which is great - you get a lipstick, and get to donate to a great cause.

The matte formula is a really comfortable matte, and I think it works really well with this shade. This colour has absolutely no red or brown to it; it's a straight up super deep dark purple plum which is gorgeous. I thought I'd swatch to popular darker MAC lipsticks beside Viva Glam Ariana so you could compare; you'll see it's actually quite different from Rebel and Sin (Sin also being very similar to Media, Dark Side etc). It pulls much darker than Rebel, VG is less pink. Compared to the likes of Sin, Media etc it's far more purple and slightly darker. I don't have Cyber to compare it to, but that's probably the closest dupe you'll find. Cyber is almost black though, and if you were deciding against one of them I'd go for Viva Glam every single time!

L-R: Rebel, Sin, Viva Glam Ariana

Deep dark plum lips not your thing? Totally understandable, this is a super bold lip colour that not everyone feels comfortable in. MAC have released a Viva Glam Ariana Grande lip gloss in a pale sparkling champagne pink shade if the lipstick isn't for you. Typically Viva Glam have a matching lip gloss and lipstick so it's nice that they've included two different shades this time around. You can mix and match, wear them alone or layered together. 

Have you picked up Viva Glam Ariana? Lipstick or lipgloss? Both? Let me know how you like this year's Viva Glam girl below!