Saturday, 30 April 2016

Meet My Eyeshadow Palettes | MAC, Makeup Geek, Urban Decay.

Who doesn't love a good eyeshadow? And who doesn't love a good nosy into someone else's eyeshadow palettes? These are some of my favourite videos/posts to watch/read cause I love seeing what other people have in their palettes - equal parts makeup lover and nosy bitch. I know I find them very useful when building my eyeshadow collection and I hope this will help some of ye too. I keep most of my round single shadows in my MAC palettes (not all of them are MAC, I'm also swatching and chatting about my Makeup Geek and Urban Decay shadows too) but Z Palettes are also popular options! 
I thought it would be most helpful to show you the majority of my single shadows in case you were looking into some of these for your own collection, or wanting to compare them to other shades that I have here. I'm going to swatch all of them with no primer, let you know how they perform and which ones are my favourite. I will mention whenever a limited edition or discontinued shadow pops up with an * (not very often so fear not!) but I won't spend too much time talking about them. This is probably going to be a text and photo heavy post so make yourself some tea or pour ya fine self a glass of wine and let's get to itttttt. Oh, and we're going to ignore the 3 day old scauldy tan on my arms making me look like I have a skin condition. 

I'm going to start with my pre-made MAC x15 warm neutral palette. I think they sell this for about €60 which is an absolute bargain considering one single MAC pan eyeshadow is €10. This is a pre-made palette with mostly new shades exclusive to this palette and a handful of permanent shades (Brulé, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Saddle). I think this is a fantastic present or every-day palette for the consumer because you have lots of great every day neutrals (and a cool toned palette option if these warm tones don't take your fancy). Obviously the drawbacks are that you can't customize or swap around the shadows, and I do feel like a lot of the lighter shades on the left side of the palette are very similar (but that being said they're the shadows you'll probably go through the most so I'm not too mad). Despite the cons I think the price point makes it a great buy and the shadows are really good quality, unlike some of the smaller pre-made MAC palettes. My favourites from this palette include Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance In The Dark (it goes on the eye much better than it swatches on the hand), Amber Lights, Saddle and Lemon Tart.

L-R: Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance in the Dark.
L-R: Brule, Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Saddle.
L-R: Lemon Tart, Creative Copper, Butterfudge, Divine Decadence, Unwind.
Next up is my own 15 pan neutral eyeshadows. These are shadows I've picked myself ranging from MAC, Makeup Geek and Urban Decay. They're all very warm but with a mix of light neutrals, brow bone shades, shimmer lid shades and matte transition and crease colours. I'm always reaching for something from this palette so most of them are firm favourites. I especially love Vanilla (the BEST brow bone shade), Nylon (amazing shiny inner corner or cheek highlight), Woodwinked, In The Spotlight, Flamethrower, Creme Brulée, Cocoa Bear and Embark.

L-R: Vanilla, Nylon, Honey Lust, Creme Brulé, Texture.
L-R: Brulé, Sin, Mythology, Woodwinked, Cocoa Bear.
L-R: Phloof, In The Spotlight, Flamethrower, Swiss Chocolate, Embark.
If I'm wearing colourful shadows, it's generally purple or plum. I love wearing these colours on my lid and mixing them with brights and neutrals. This is another mixed palette ranging from really bright pops of purple to more red burgundy and plum shades - and a random yellow thrown in because it didn't fit in my warm neutral palette.
My top picks here are Trax (once it's used under a sticky base), Curfew (such a pigmented purple it knocks my MAC ones out of the park to be honest), Haux (amazing transition shade that you can use with bright purple looks or any cool toned smokey eye), Bitten, Sketch (it isn't my favourite shadow in the world - I actually prefer the blush version but it goes on better on the eye than the swatch photo and is a really nice purple toned plum) and Chickadee (I wouldn't include this ideally in a purple palette but this is a beautiful murky orange toned yellow that I LOVE to use in the crease as a transition shade for any warm eye look. If you like using oranges in the crease or are a fan of MAC's Uninterrupted I'd highlighy recommend this. It probably isn't everyone's first choice of eyeshadow but it's a definite underdog). Ecstasy, Crash and Shockaholic are unfortunately no longer available but very easily dupeable - and with better quality options available from MUG.

L-R: Ecstasy*, Crash*, Haux, Fig. 1, Sketch. 
L-R: Shale, Shockaholic*, Blackberry, Bitten, Beauty Marked.
L-R: Trax, Curfew, Indian Ink, Cherry Cola, Chickadee.
Lastly is my very small and mixed "brights" palette - pops of blue and green. Most of my blue/turquoise and teal shades are from Inglot or in other Urban Decay palettes but I'm hoping to finish this one up with some MUG in the future so if you have any fun MUG shade suggestions please leave them down below or tweet meeeee! Surf USA and Goddess are discontinued/limited edition but neither are particularly great so I wouldn't worry about missing out on them. My favourites here are Lucky Green (my one has a limited edition print on the shadow but you can buy it online from the pro store), Secret Garden (this is new to my collection but it is absolutely stunning), Plumage (my ride or die dark mouldy teal crease shade - you'd be surprised how many looks you can work this into) and Lounge. I want to make a point of saying that I much prefer the texture of Lounge to Club. If you're looking for one of those warm brown with blue/green shift shadows I'd pick Urban Decay. The texture is better, it has a warmer undertone and the blue shift is more evident when you wear it on your lids. The texture of Club is so, so poor.

L-R: Fashion, Lucky Green, Surf USA*, Shimmermoss, Aquadisiac.
L-R: Sumptuous Olive, Club, Lounge.
L-R: Goddess*, Secret Garden, Plumage.
 Phew! We're finished. I hope that wasn't too boring for everyone and maybe gave ye an idea of shadows to add to your collection. I have to say I'm so impressed with all of the Makeup Geek shadows I've purchased off Beauty Bay and can't wait to add more to my collection :)