Thursday, 21 July 2016

Brand Focus | Kat Von D.

It was announced a week ago that Kat Von D Beauty will be available in the UK and Ireland through Debenhams later this year... and we all freaked out. It was previously only available in Sephora, I would drool over pictures and videos online and make a little shopping list for any relatives going stateside. I have quite a good mix of bits from her line now and I wanted to do a brand focus on Kat Von D so that you could maybe add (or take stuff off!) your shopping lists when it finally hits our shores.

First up is the Lock-It foundation. The shade range is great (especially for pale skins) and packaging of this is stunning. It boasts full overage and long wear and it absolutely delivers. This is definitely full coverage, maybe even a bit more coverage than Double Wear. It feels thick on the skin, and it reminds me a little bit of Skin Base by Illamasqua in the sense that it's so thick it can be hard to work into the skin. I don't mind the thickness, it's oddly something I personally enjoy in a foundation. In terms of it being initially tricky to work into the skin; it's definitely possible, you just have to moisturize/prime well beforehand and use quick buffing/patting motions. I know this foundation won't be for everyone, but if you're willing to play around with it in how you prep/prime/apply and finish with this foundation then you will get amazing porcelain doll coverage with minimal transfer that lasts and lasts. I wore this in 35 degree heat in Lyon a handful of times and it looked great!

Next up is the Shade and Light Contour Kit - please excuse my two powders on the left; unfortunately they didn't quite make it from Canada to Ireland and I had to do some reconstructive makeup surgery. You get 3 matte highlights and 3 matte contours with a good mix of shades and undertones (cooler, warmer and neutral contour colours which I love to see). The quality of these powders are amazing; it is absolutely something I'd recommend to any makeup artist for their kit. If you are super fair (and strictly never false tan) or super dark I don't see a point in getting this; realistically you'll only get to use 2, maybe 3 shades. However, if you're fair, medium or a false tanner then I can still see this being a versatile palette for you. The powders are so smooth and buttery, really good pay-off and blend like a dream.

I had heard SO many things about the Shade and Light eye quads. They didn't have the Rust one available in Sephora when I was in Barcelona so I decided to pick up the Plum one as a pretty close second. I had such high hopes for this; and quite liked it the first time I tried it. My idea was that since plums/purples are what I wear the most after warm neutrals, and I love my Urban Decay Naked Basics because it's all matte; surely I would love this. This would be my plum Naked Basics. I'm sad to report that it isn't; the shades themselves are lovely (especially the dusty salmon pink base shade) and I love that they're all matte, but they kick up so much powder as soon as you dip you brush in that you just waste SO much product whenever you go to use them. There isn't a huge amount of fallout on the face and they do blend beautifully admittedly, I just find myself being underwhelmed by it for the price. Furthermore, the two darkest shades in the palette look so similar when swatched and when on the eye that it's hard to get a lot of diversity out of it. I will use it when I travel, but it isn't going to be my go-to and it's not the first thing I'd recommend trying from her line.

I think Kat Von D really knocks it out of the park with her lip products. Her Studded Kiss lipsticks don't get quite as much love online as her liquid lips do but I think they're such a beautiful formula. First of all the packaging is so cooooool I love it so much. They do feel chunky when you hold them but the actual lipstick is slightly smaller or less thick than a MAC one; it's hard to explain but it feels slightly different size wise when you're applying it... I'm going to not make a size joke because I'm a mature adult. Anyway, a really pigmented and opaque creamy but comfortable matte, they feel like the mattes from Urban Decay. I have 3 shades;  Lovecraft (a medium toned mauve nude pink), Lolita (a warm rusty nude with red/brown undertones) and Motorhead (a deep purple toned vampy shade). I really like all 3 equally and have found them to be consistent in formula!

L-R: Lovecraft, Lolita, Motorhead 
I didn't get off to the best start with her liquid lipsticks - I got Vampira which is a deep red based burgundy and wasn't a fan. I featured it in a recent disappointing products because it's sheer and uneven on the lips. That isn't a shade I'd recommend at all but I would recommend the other colours I've tried from the formula. Bow n Arrow is a beautiful grey based nude brown (without being too grey it's not like Cashmere from Lime Crime, more like a cool-neutral brown), Lolita (a really warm brown that looks quite deep on me) and Lovesick (a pretty cool toned light nude pink). These 3 shades are really beautiful, much more opaque and even on the lips. I still don't think the wear time of these are necessarily better than the Vampira shade; they're not my favourite liquid lipstick formula in the world longevity wise but they are very comfortable so that's kind of the advantage you get. They're overall not a bad formula by any means and I would recommend swatching different shades since there's probably a difference in formula across the shades (I've heard the darker ones don't perform as well and if Vampira is anything to go by they'd be right!). I definitely recommend Bow n Arrow and Lolita to any nude lip lovers. These swatches are freshly applied, but they do absolutely dry down to a matte, which is why I included a photo of me wearing Bow n Arrow!

L-R: Bow n Arrow, Lolita, Lovesick, Vampira

Are you excited for Kat Von D to arrive in the UK and Ireland? Let me know what your favourite products are below!