Sunday, 24 July 2016

Best Budget Beauty | Primark/Penneys PS Love...

Take a shot every time you've ever responded to a compliment with "Thanks hun, Penneys!"... I definitely don't discriminate in the makeup world and often apply my more expensive foundations with a €2 brush from eBay. While I feel like a lot of products are really worth the money, I am also a firm believer that you can find some amazing gems on a budget - or just in general. Penneys makeup has come a long way, and I have to say I'm really impressed with pretty much everything I've tried by them. Admittedly, I haven't tried any of their complexion products or eyeshadows so maybe I've been good with what I've picked but I wanted to share my love for them with you guys nonetheless. A lot of these are just as good as some more expensive items I have in my makeup collection. Not just good for the price, but great in general to be honest. The products I've tried so far have mostly been tools rather than actual makeup but I did want to talk about them because I see people spending an arm and a leg on the likes of brushes when I don't think it's always necessary (a MAC 217, yes, but a synthetic kabuki brush? Nah)


I want to start with lashes. Penneys have a couple of different styles that I'm really not mad about because I don't think the styles are particularly flattering BUT there are two types that they have that I absolutely adore and have been using for nearly 2 years now. Their individual eyelashes are great; cheap as chips and look beautiful. They're actually little bunches of 3 individuals stuck together so they're far quicker to apply than traditional single strand individuals and have maximum impact.
I also love the Double Trouble lashes - they look like they're layered 2 sets together. The band is quite thick so they're not the easiest to apply but they're nice and dramatic whilst still being flattering. They're quite criss-crossed and wispy at the ends, too.

Next up are tweezers. Maybe an odd thing to chat about but these are honestly some of my favourite tweezers I've ever used. Ya gal has a caveman unibrow in a week so I can appreciate a good pair of tweezers. They come in a pack with a really thin pointed end which I'm not a fan of at all and throw away almost immediately but they're worth the 2.50 or whatever they are just for the thick slanted pair. I don't think these will be for everyone; but I personally love a thick slanted shape because I have so many hairs to pluck. If you don't have a lot of brow hair you probably need something smaller, but if not then these are really strong and can pick out multiple brow hairs at a time so it's a great time saver.

The one makeup item I have tried from them are their lipliners and I think they're amazing quality. I have a few more shades (a light pink, red and plum) and I'd recommend them to anyone but the real star of the show is the famous 06 - a really great dupe for Spice by MAC. The formula is great and the colour is so popular at the minute. I have about 6 of these on me at any given time and tend to pick one up every time I'm in Penneys cause I love it so much.

If you're the Picasso of nail art then I think you'll get on really well with their nail art set. If you're like me then you look at these little detail brushes and see liner brushes and fun tools to create some graphic makeup looks with. This pack comes with 2 thin liner style brushes, a teeny fan brush (great for fluffing away fallout or some glitter), a small detail brush for the likes of lipstick or spot concealing and finally a nail dotter tool (which I will 100% be using for dots in my eye makeup.) The fine liner brushes alone are great; I buy most of mine from craft or art stores anyway cause they're relatively cheap so Penneys is an even better option. These are just as good quality as one you'll buy from Zoeva or Sigma at a fraction of the price. I can't bring myself to spend crazy amounts of money on a fine MAC liner brush when they get ruined so easily from gels/cream liners and the like. Penneys best!

I really think their rose gold ferrule are the true gems in this range and am constantly excited to go in to see if they have a new one to add to the collection. I've tried quite a lot of them and love all of them - I think the most expensive is like €5 so you'd be mad not to pick a couple up. They have a couple more brushes on the stands that I don't have here but I'm dying to get my hands on the duo-fiber stippling brush and the strobing brush (it's essentially a tapered foundation brush)

The angled face brush is great for blush application

I love the double ended buffing brush for under-eye concealer, cream/powder contour or highlight

I'm not a big fan of a fan brush (get it? I'll see myself out so...) but if you're looking for one on a budget there is absolutely nothin' wrong with this guy! Great for a really light dusting of powder down the T-Zone or highlighter.

The double ended powder brush is my absolute favourite and had pretty much replaced all my powder brushes. I use this for everything; the bigger side to set my makeup and apply bronzer, and the smaller end for blush. It's ideal for travelling too if you're looking to bring minimal brushes.

I'm not a big fan of synthetic brushes for a whole eye look but I do use them in parts of my routine; the double ended eye brush is great - I use the fluffy side to apply my eye primer/paint pot/cream eyeshadow and you could get away with it for applying a powder shadow all over the lid or even ding some blending out of the crease and the angle brush is great for detail work on the lower lashline or maybe even gel liner (I'm a liquid gal though so I can't speak for that) and the brow brush is brilliant for the spoolie alone (everyone needs one!), the angle brush is pretty much the same on both the brow and eye brushes and although it isn't one I use for my brows (it's a bit too thick in my opinion) again, I use it for a cut crease or detail work so I still have a purpose for it.

A small kabuki brush isn't something I use every day but it is such  a great brush for on the go; or buffing the likes of a MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural into the skin. If you use a lot of powder products this is a nice to have but not a must have.

Most recently I picked up the flat oval airbrush brush - a little dupe for the likes of Artis (yano, those weird toothbrush style tools). They market this as a foundation brush but it's just too small, I'd be here all day with it if I was buffing foundation around. I do really like it for under-eye concealer or cream highlight/contour products. I just LOVE the velvet feel of this brush; it's incredibly soft and buffs product into the skin really nicely. I love how unique it is too; not every brand has a brush this shape so it's something cool to try without spending a fortune on the Artis ones. I'd love Primark to come out with different sizes of these, especially bigger ones so I could actually get foundation done with it because the quality is beautiful.

Who ya gonna call when all your cute rose gold brushes need cleaning? Primark brush cleaner, obviously. Now this product seems to be a love or hate for whoever tries it but I think it's being used in the wrong way. This hasn't totally replaced my MAC brush cleaner and definitely isn't a replacement for a deep cleanse with baby shampoo but it is still a great little product all the same. If you're depending on it to clean a foundation brush or something with a lot of cream/liquid stuck in the bristles then you'll be disappointed. However, if you're looking to quickly spot clean an eye brush or want to use a different colour on your shadow brush then this is fab; quick, easy and affordable. Using this for €2.50 also means I use less of my MAC cleaner on eye brushes so it works out really well in that regard.

Have you tried anything from the PS Love range? Let me know below - I'd "love" to hear your recommendations :)