Friday, 8 July 2016

Review + Lip Swatches | Urban Decay VICE Lipsticks.

What's your vice? For Urban Decay, it would seem to be launching 100 shades of lipstick (€18 each in Debenhams) and giving beauty lovers a small heart attack. A shade for every skin tone, every person, every age and every occasion - no excuses. This is certainly Urban Decay's biggest launch ever and I'd go as far to say that from my memory at least this is one of the biggest makeup launches I've seen a brand do all at once in a very long time. 100 lipsticks and 50 complimentary lipliners? That is hugeeeeee. With Ruby Rose as the new UD girl it makes the launch even better.
I'm gonna chat about the packaging for a little bit without harping on and say that I really like it. I don't love it as much as the old Revolution one because it doesn't feel quite as heavy but it still looks so badass with the bullet shell casing. I was worried it would feel like the Gwen lipsticks in weight (I have said before I wasn't a fan of how light they felt) but I'm glad to report it is a happy medium between the Gwen and Revolution lipsticks... for 100 shades I can deal with that.

The older Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks are some of my favourites in terms of shades and formula, and I loved seeing them launch the Sheer and Matte Revolution sisters. UD have now essentially scrapped the Revolution tag and packaging, to relaunch their existing (formerly Revolution) shades plus a tonne of new ones into a new Vice line up. I'm really happy they kept the older, much loved shades/finishes whilst adding to their permanent range. I own quite a few of the Revolution lipsticks and because they've decided to keep all of those shades I thought it would make sense to include them in this swatch post so you can check them out in the new Vice packaging if you missed out on them before. Although they've scrapped the Revolution line for the Vice tag, I'm delighted they have kept the old UD "creamy bad-ass luxury" texture. The formula overall is a creamy balm like feel that is always comfortable on the lips regardless of the finish. They all glide on smoothly and the mattes/mega mattes particularly give a beautiful look to the lip and fill in any lines or cracks to give the appearance of a smoother, more plump pout.

So; 100 lipsticks and 6 different finishes - Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream i.e. the original Revolution formula, Metallized, Sheer, Sheer Shimmer. They have everything from nudes to bright pinks, a red for every occasion, several vampy shades and even a couple of really interesting ones like a shimmery copper brown, a green and deep blue. I was so happy to receive 5 of the new shades for review consideration, and subsequently went out and bought another when I saw the display in person. As I said before I'll also include the shades I have before the Vice launch, but which you can still find today in the new repromote. 

The lip swatches are done on pretty much blank lips; no lipliner or primer (so excuse the not so perfect application) but I did put a little bit of foundation underneath so you could see the true colour and because my lips are pretty pigmented naturally... even more so when they're being rubbed every few minutes with a wipe for a new colour to be applied. Before we start, let us say a small prayer for my lips...

Naked (Cream) - light neutral nude. My first ever UD Revolution lipstick and the one that started the love affair.

Native (Cream) - light creamy pink toned nude. This might be a little light for a lot of people but I love this!

Stark Naked (Comfort Matte) - light-medium brown toned nude.

Backtalk* (Comfort Matte) - medium rosey nude with mauve undertones.

Sheer Anarchy (Sheer) - glossy blue based pink with semi-sheer finish.

Anarchy (Cream) - bright blue toned pink. My camera can't even handle the brightness of this, it's even more vivid in person! If you're wondering how it compares to Sheer Anarchy; this is a touch darker (only very slightly though), more pigmented and less glossy/jelly-esque on the lips.

Big Bang* (Metallized) - light blue toned pink packed with glitter. The glitter definitely shows up on the lip but be aware that means there is more shimmer than pigment, this applies quite sheer. My least favourite of the bunch.

Fire Bird* (Cream) - originally launched in the Gwen Stefani collection, a vivid medium toned berry with subtle blue duochrome. This is very creamy and leaves a lovely stain on the lips, fading really evenly throughout the day.

Catfight (Cream) - red toned raspberry pink. This can look super bright or muted, pink or red depending on your skin tone or what you pair with it underneath/on top.

714* (Mega Matte) - is a straight up standard pin-up red. Not super unique shade wise but the formula is great and every brand needs a good staple red.

Mrs. Mia Wallace (Cream) - launched with the Pulp Fiction collection a while back, it's a beautiful deep blood red with a cream finish.

Bad Blood (Comfort Matte) - pretty much identical to Mrs. Mia Wallace colour-wise so you definitely don't need both, it just depends which formula you prefer. A deep red with a demi-matte finish. I love this shade and wear it quite a bit when I want a nice deep red.

Temper (Comfort Matte) - this is such an unusual shade, it's a very muted orange toned red. I don't want to say it has a bit of a brown undertone to it but it definitely isn't as bright or have as much of a "pop" as a red or an orange, so it falls somewhere in between. Either way I really like this shade even if it isn't one I personally reach for a lot. I definitely don't have anything quite like this in my collection, which is saying something since it isn't a very "out there" or crazy of a colour. I likeeee it!

Venom (Cream) - medium toned berry pink with blue duo-chrome. Has slightly more purple/plum undertones than something like Fire Bird and is really similar in shade to Rebel by MAC.

Pandemonium* (Mega Matte) - mid-toned Barney purple. Urban Decay's answer to Heroine by MAC (but the Mega  Matte is a nicer formula!). I need to start wearing purples more on the lips, this shade is so cool. Unfortunately I don't think my camera quite picked up how purple it is, it's looking more muted/washed out here but it is the same colour as the OG Urban Decay logo. 

Shame (Cream) - deep true burgundy.

We made it! Those are the UD lipsticks from my own stash, I can't imagine how some bloggers swatched all 100 on their poor lips. Either way, this launch didn't disappoint. UD delivered as pretty much always and I love the new additions to my collection. I'd recommend these as a treat yo'self if you've had a bad week, worked hard in work, did well in an exam or kicked ass in the gym... I'd recommend them to anyone! If you want to spend a little more money on a lipstick then these are a great option, especially for a handful of staple nudes/red/vampy shades or maybe an unusual one that is unique to the Vice line. I can't wait to pick up more in the future, I have my eye on pretty much all of them now... ;)