Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Chic Cheek.

Don't get me wrong, I love my corals and bright blushes, but lately I've been favouring a more "sophisticated", subtle type of cheek. I'm not sure if sophisticated is quite the right word... Something muted, but still brightening and glowy. I've recently discovered 3 products in particular that I think are the epitome of a "chic cheek". Something that would look good on any age and with any makeup look. It makes an already simple face of makeup look complete and put together, but equally won't make you look cray cray when pairing it with a glitter cut crease. I also think these products would look great any time of the year, too... although you know I would werkkk a coral blush in December ;)

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush - Natural*

Physicians Formula is pretty new to Ireland, but a firm favourite in the US. I remember seeing someone on YouTube showing this blush up to the camera and I thought the little colourful hearts were the cutest thing ever! The heart gimmick is cute of course (and actually stays on the blush for a while, it isn't just an overlay!), but this blush is absolutely beautiful. It is more on the fun side of chic cheeks, particularly with the pattern, but it has a good mix of pinks, peach and nude hearts that when swirled together give a gorgeous look to the skin. It has subtle silver shimmer which gives that glow without being glittery. Really soft in texture and long lasting too. Me laaaaaaavs.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush - Natural

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush - Nude Mauve

A lot of beauty blogger went mwaaaad on the gram of insta when these were released, but I really wasn't loving them at first glance. However, when I heard they were possible Hourglass blush dupes, and when Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits said they were good, I knew they'd be good and I had to have at least one. Now, I don't necessarily think they're exact dupes, but definitely a similar idea and similar in tone to some of the Hourglass shades. They're cute petite pots of pretty and that is really the only way I can describe them - as "pretty" blushes that just make your cheeks look good! They're marbleized and have a slight shimmer (Nude Mauve seemed to be the least shimmery) so I think if you like the MAC mineralize blushes you'll like these too. Nude Mauve is a stunning shade with great texture, one I think a lot of people would get great use out of. I will definitely be getting more of these in the future, even just to look at the little marbleized planets in the pot - SO pretty.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush - Nude Mauve

Seventeen Skin Wow Highlighter

Liquid/cream highlighters are the cherry on top of a "chic cheek" for me. They look so gorgeous and effortless on the skin, but aren't always easy to find. It was (and possibly still is?) 3 for 2 in Boots (hollaaaa) and low and behold, I found one from a super inexpensive brand; I am convinced that 17 can do no wrong in the complexion/base department! Liquid highlighters or illuminators are generally very sheer, but I was pleasantly surprised that this gives off quite a glow and sheen - similar in pigmentation to Benefit's High Beam but WAY easier to work into the skin, praise the glowy highlighter gods. I love the packaging/the pump and I can use this with a brush, fingers or sponge and am happy with the effect it gives. It says you can use this in 3 ways; as a primer, to mix in with the foundation or simply apply after foundation to places you want to highlight. I've been using it for the latter, because being an oil slick means that shimmer all over the face is not cute at all. I'd definitely recommend this product if you're lusting after High Beam or just a really great highlighter in general!

Seventeen Skin Wow Highlighter
L-R: (Physicians Formula) Natural, (Max Factor) Nude Mauve, (Seventeen) Skin Wow Highlighter

And there you go - my top 3 products for a "chic" cheek... even better is that they're all drugstore buys so cheating your way to a chic cheek is even easier and more satisfying... yano, like when someone asks you if your Max Factor blush is uhm, I don't know... CHANEL. (Sidenote: this really did happen to me but girlfriend is a broke ass college student so you know that blush is not Chanel cause das esssspensive and momma gotta eat and pay her electricity) probably not the most exciting post, but I love having a look at new cheek products, especially versatile ones that will see you through all seasons or makeup looks. Let me know your current favourite blushes or cheek products below and don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin' for updates :)