Friday, 15 May 2015

Pastel Locks | Schwarzkopf Pearlescence 2015.

Pastel hair is something I've been a fan of for years. Something I'm not a fan of, though? The price and the upkeep! Anyone with colourful hair will tell you that dyes from Crazy Colour, Directions and Bleach London are great to experiment with, but costs definitely add up if you want to keep the colour long term. Schwarzkopf have got you covered with their stunning new Pearlescence range; 8 shades with a shimmering texture and iridescent finish. Although I'm a fan of pastel hair in general, I have to say I think these shades are seriously sophisticated whilst still being striking and fun. The idea of the range is that they are permanent (well, as permanent as pastels and bright metallics can be!) colours which I think is so innovative and right up my street. Schwarzkopf were so generous and sent me all 8 colours for me to play with - safe to say I'm in My Little Pony hair heaven. For this post, I thought I would briefly go through all the shades with you and share some of the amazing promo images which have seriously inspired me!

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting plenty of blog posts with photos and reviews of the colours as I use them. Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' if you want to keep updated on my Pearlescence pastel hair journey with Schwarzkopf! Alternatively, you can follow my blog and updates via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - the latter is probably best for sneak peak hair photos! :)

I'm by no means a professional, but according to Schwarzkopf they have used a pearl foiling technique to get these colours to really shine. WhatChuTalkin'BoutWillis? Well, having only used the lavender as I write this, I can definitely vouch for the pearly finish on this particular shade. Pearlescence is such an appropriate name for these colours, I find myself constantly looking at it in different lights and admiring the different tones and reflects. This is such a bonus because having used the likes of Crazy Colour to get lilac hair, I find myself washing my hair once or twice a week, so it can look pretty dull in between washes but with the Schwarzkopf shade it seems to reflect light and make it look freshly washed all the time - something that is hard to do with a grey colour!

The 8 colours in this collection are broken up into 3 categories; 4 pastel tones (lavender, mint, amber and candy pink), 2 fashion (dark blonde emerald and dark blonde magenta) and 2 lift and tone shades (tangerine and coral).
The pastel tones are for super light hair, and will really only show up on very pale blonde or white hair (this is something to keep in mind for any pastel colour, though... the brand is irrelevant!) and the lift and tone shades are intended for very pale/blonde roots. I think the lift and tone colours would be perfect to put on freshly bleached roots, with one or two (or all 4) of the pastel tones throughout the hair for a super cool ombré effect! Something that I love about the collection is the inclusion of the fashion shades; emerald and magenta are primarily meant for use on dark hair. The pigments in these are so strong that they should take to dark blonde/brown hair without bleach - YAAAAAAAAS! From looking at the promo images I think the emerald would be a perfect way to get that Kylie Jenner-esque deep turquoise look and channel your inner mermaid. I'm not sure how the fashion shades will look on my hair, I may have to bring in the help of one of my dark haired friends but I will definitely be keeping ye updated!

I am SO excited about this range and think it is something that is much needed in salons - I can't tell you how many times I've went in to get my roots done and had my old hairdresser say they'd love to put a powder pink over it if only their salons carried the colours! If you can avail of these super pretty colours in your nearest hair salon that stocks Schwarzkopf then I'd definitely recommend you do. The stockist number is 01442 278 000 and there is a salon finder on their website if you're looking for more localized information. 
So which shade would you go for? Tangerine dreams or cotton candy pink? Let me know below!