Sunday, 26 April 2015

New | Urban Decay Summer 2015.

When it comes to new releases, Urban Decay do not mess about. Summer 2015 is no exception with a mix of completely brand new products, textures, formulas and an expansion to their mucho mucho loved eyeshadows (The deluxe shadow palette was my first ever big makeup purchase at the age of 13. I wore Fishnet shadow all over my eyes and thought I was only gorgeous). Embarrassing makeup stories aside, when this bag of goodies landed in my letterbox last week I knew I had to share them with you, because I am all heart eyes emoji'd out looking at these products in my makeup bag.

Urban Decay Summer Nights 2015
I'd also like to take a minute to say that I feel like Urban Decay are really listening to their customers with striking a balance between the Naked neutral lovers, and the Electric colour fanatics. I love both aspects of the brand, but I got a bit bored of the whole Naked train for a while. The 2015 range (which by the way isn't limited edition, just expanding on their current collection) has the perfect mix of summer brights and gorgeous but never boring neutrals with amazing formulas, so I think there's something for everyone! These new brights, though? That's the Urban Decay I fell in love with at 13... Did I mention I used the sponge tip applicators to apply that Fishnet shadow? Why didn't the makeup poh poh shut me down?!

Afterglow Blushes, €28
First on the agenda are the blushes. Brand new to the Urban Decay family and in my opinion, much needed. 12 shades that have all your blush preferences covered; pinks of all undertones, peaches, tans and nudes, mauves and plums, rosey tones, oranges, reds and even a purple (fyi, it's called Bittersweet and I will be queueing outside Debenhams on May 1st to buy it and put it on and all around my face because it looks beautiful). And, in true Urban Decay style, cheeky names are also covered. I will never not giggle at the fact my blush is called Kinky, Quickie or Fetish. 
These blushes are so beautiful - dare I say it, I think I prefer them to Nars on the higher end scale. They're so soft and easy to blend. Urban Decay describe them as sheer with a translucent look, they almost look skin-like on the cheeks but are very buildable. They come in shimmers and mattes too, so pick whichever takes your fancy and glow along with me. I've found the shimmer in both Kinky and Score to be very subtle, not chunky in the slightest. Me laaavs. 

Afterglow 8 Hour Blush. L-R: Score, Kinky
Score is one of those annoying "pinky/peachy/coral-y" shades that I hate describing but absolutely love to wear. This kind of colour suits absolutely anyone, and the small hints of shimmer are so flattering on the cheeks. It really reminds me of Benefit's Bella Bamba (which has since been discontinued, so if you loved that and were looking for a replacement, Score is yo' gal). I actually prefer the texture and the packaging of the Urban Decay one, Score is an all round crowd pleaser that will be living on my cheeks all summer.
Kinky is light tan, warm peach with golden shimmer. Super pretty shade and one I feel is a great "blush/bronzer hybrid" colour on paler skin. I can definitely pull this off without looking like I have a stripe of bronzer on my cheeks. It gives the warmth of a bronzer, but the true peach of a blush.

L-R: Score, Kinky.
Eyeshadows, €18
8 new eyeshadows have been added to the range; 2 mattes (both neutrals) and 6 stunning duo-chrome colours with lots of uniqueness (nerve and talent... comment below if you get that reference and I'll love you forever). Their formula isn't anything new to Urban Decay and the 2 shades I received were right up to the standard I expect from them at this stage. As firm favourites among everyone (Granny O'Connell included who is 67 and rockin' her Naked 2 palette), just know that they are hella buttery, hella pigmented and hella beaaautiful.

Top: Riff, Bottom: Sideline
Riff is a mid-tone matte brown with super "floating micro-sparkle". A lot of their mattes have this sparkle and in my experience they thankfully never transfer to the lid, it's really only to aid the blending/application of typically stiff or chalky mattes. Riff is a lovely very warm, orange tone brown. It's a shade of which I have many similar, so it isn't terribly unique but it's one I wear a lot and if you don't have one like it in your collection, I would suggest this one because the formula is great. It is very similar to MAC's Texture but I can actually see myself using Riff a lot more - the texture is (ironically) nicer, and slightly more orange. If you have blue eyes, you neeeeeeeeeeeed deeeeeeeeeez.

Sideline. This colour. I have no words. SO stunning. I can't tell you how many eyeshadows I have in my collection but I can safely say I have nothing like this. I've never seen a colour like it from any brand before. It is a yellow gold with a very strong olive and chartreuse duo-chrome. I say strong and of course it doesn't photograph that way, but this catches the light so amazingly looking very gold at one angle, and pale green in another. I'd wear this all over the lid, the inner corner and lower lashline and it looks like you've almost used 3 different shadows because the light hits it differently each time. This would look amazing with neutrals, or equally so paired with bright greens. For uniqueness (nerve and talent) alone, I've pick this one up out of all the others!

L-R: Riff, Sideline
Ultimate O-Zone Multi-Purpose Primer Pencil, €19
Urban Decay describe this as "the double-stick tape of the beauty world". I don't think it's as ground breaking as that, but it is quite a nice product. I don't think you need to go out and grab it straight away either, but if you're looking to try a lip primer or have difficulty with your lipstick staying on, this could be one to look out for. I have definitely found it keeps my lip colour on for slightly longer and I really noticed my lipstick looked smoother with this underneath. It has a tacky balmy texture which acts like a glue for the lipstick but equally fills in some of the lines on the lips. It contains jojoba oil to nourish the lips and my lips didn't feel as dry while wearing a matte lipstick with this underneath as they normally would.

Ultimate O-Zone Multi Purpose Primer Pencil
Revolution High-Colour Gloss, €19
The counterpart to the sheer Naked glosses, the Revolution glosses are just like their lipsticks; highly pigmented and comfortable to wear. There are 14 shades (!) of high impact colour with almost full opacity on the lips. The shades range from nudes, brights of all kinds and deep/darks in cream and sparkle finishes. First of all, I love how sleek the packaging is (like their old school Pocket Rockets, but even nicer looking), no offensive smell or taste and the wand is sturdy and slightly pointed at the tip so you can easily and cleanly apply the product. The formula is smooth yet tacky, but not clumpy or sticky. The tacky feel isn't horrible at all and is really only there to allow the gloss to last on the lips and I got almost 3 hours wear with these with talking and some tea drinking. They apply and look like a thick gel/balm and are super pigmented, leaving a stain behind on the lips when they fade. Seriously, I know I've said it before but I can't believe these are glosses - they have the same colour pay off as a lot of lipsticks. I'm not a massive gloss wearer but I can kick it with these. I don't know if they'll necessarily convert all gloss haters, but they're absolutely worth looking at if you're a gloss fiend. Wear em on their own, wear em over a lipliner or wear em over a lipstick. Do you guuuuurl.

L-R: Quiver, 69, Big Bang

Quiver is a tricky one for me. In the tube and swatched on my hand I would say it's a rosey pink, but on my lips I feel like it looked the exact same as the other pink I have, just without the glitter. Okay, maybe not the exact same, Quiver is definitely more plum/rose but yeah, I think on me a pink gloss is a pink gloss. Still a great formula, and one to look at if you're looking for a creamy pink.
Urban Decay Revolution Lipgloss - Quiver
69 is a true bright red with a creamy formula. This seemed to be the most pigmented out of the 3.
Urban Decay Revolution Lipgloss - 69
Big Bang is a bright fuchsia pink with multi-tonal sparkle. I probably twirled and twisted the tube around for a solid 2 minutes when I first got it to look at all the sparkle. I see gold, red, pink and purple. It looks metallic in the tube but it isn't as mental when it goes on. It applies like a true bright and slightly purple toned fuchsia with a sparkle but it doesn't feel gritty or chunky. All 3 shades have the same feel on the lips regardless of the finish. 
Urban Decay Revolution Lipgloss - Big Bang
Top: 69, Middle: Big Bang, Bottom: Quiver
Phew! That's enough lip gloss and blush talkin' for one day. I have to say I really love these new products and think Urban Decay have done a great job with the formulas and colour range. I'll definitely be going back for a few more blushes, an eyeshadow or two and possibly a nude coloured gloss. What are your favourite items in the collection? Will you be picking up anything when it launches May 1st? Let me know below! And when I said that's enough makeup talk for one day, I was 100% joking. I'm all up for lipstick chats on Twitter and Instagram so come find me there! x