Saturday, 28 June 2014

Kiko Show and Tell Part 2: Swatches, Reviews - Eyes + FOTD.

This is the second and final part of my Kiko Cosmetics overview post which contains all things related to eyeshadows. This post will (thankfully) be a lot shorter than the first, which looked at face and lips (link here you're curious!) Anyway, I recently saw on their UK website that Kiko were having a big sale and so I would highly recommend you pick up their lipsticks and eyeshadows. I hope these posts are somewhat helpful for those who are maybe going on holidays to a European city this summer and want to pick up a few things from the brand! Let me know if you buy anything while away and if you have any Kiko recommendations, I would love to know!

The Kiko Long Lasting Wet/Dry Eyeshadows are around €8 and are one of the nicest formulas I've ever used. They are pretty much identical to the MAC Extra Dimension formula and have that creamy feel when you swatch them. Kiko offers these in a range of neutrals, brights and jewel tones and they all have incredible shimmer and shine that transfers beautifully onto the eyes. Of course, these can be used wet (with a mixing medium or MAC Fix+) and can also be used dry. They become far more metallic when used wet but my swatches are dry with no primer - they are amazing! First up is #213 which is a deep blackened hunter green with teal and silver glitter running through. Next is #224 a phenomenal periwinkle lilac with violet duochrome and silver shimmer. This is the most unique out of the 3 I have here and Kiko do so many interesting shades in this formula - it reminds me of a galaxy and I love it! Finally is a beautiful Melon pigment-esque #218. This is a peach orange with a yellow gold duochrome. It looks particularly fantastic on blue eyes to make them stand out and would work beautifully as a blush/highlight on dark skintones. I'm obsessed with this sort of colour and love to add it into neutral looks all the time.

I decided to pick up one of the Highly Pigmented Eyeshadows in #111. This is only €2.90 and is a gorgeous mid tone sea green with gold and teal pearl. This is a definite mermaid colour and would look equally gorgeous under a black base for a more jewel toned effect. Their singular eyeshadows are also very pigmented and come in an array of shades with shimmer/pearl, matte and matte with floating glitter finishes.

Kiko offer a 'Clics' system with their Infinity Eyeshadows (€5.90) whereby you buy a single pan eyeshadow and you can fit them into custom palettes of different sizes (when I was there I saw a single case, a trio which I bought 2 of, a quad and a 9 pan palette) These come free when you buy the eyeshadows and you can choose what colours go where in the palettes which is very handy for travel or even professionals. Again, the number system is rather annoying but not a huge deal. Like I did with Inglot,  I decided to try out their coloured shadows first because my thinking behind it is, if their bright shades are good then their neutrals are probably pretty good too! I wasn't wrong - these eyeshadows are great for the price and really remind me of inglot in terms of texture/finishes and the overall concept. When I looked back at my palettes to swatch them, I realised I got mostly matte shades which I prefer to wear.

The texture of their mattes is great - not chalky with the only exception being #253 the blue/purple (blurple?) on the bottom centre but even then, it is still great as far as mattes go.
I picked up a matte jungle green/turquoise colour with gold glitter (#264) Inglot have a similar texture and just like the Inglot ones, this shade applies mostly matte (especially when buffed into the crease) but with a sticky base and dense packing brush, you could definitely make the gold glitter more visible.
Similarly in texture, #260 is a true matte lime green with gold glitter. Its so hard to come by a colour like this with such good pigmentation.
Straight up bright matte orange eyeshadow is something I never wear so I decided to pick this shade up (#207) with a tropical look in mind for a future FOTD post. This kind of orange is a hard colour to come by in terms of eyeshadow and it's even harder to get one this opaque... it wasn't chalky at all!
#243 is a reddish brown/burgundy with gold shimmer (no glitter!) and is a very Sketch (MAC) toned colour that I always gravitate towards. The texture is, of course, beautiful and this shade would work well on a lot of people. You can easily use this in the crease in any neutral look and it just gives it something more than just boring old brown.
Finally, is probably the least exciting shade in the palette. Kiko have a lot of neutrals in mattes and shimmer so you could easily make up a small neutral toned palette for travel. #239 is a very cool toned brown - almost a grey taupe and would make a great crease colour for any cool toned neutral eye. The ashy cool tone would make it also work well as a brow shade which is the main reason I bought it!
Overall, I'm extremely happy with all of their eyeshadows and would highly recommend them to anyone who was looking for brights or neutrals!

Neon Jungle | FOTD using some Kiko shadows.

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