Monday, 4 May 2015

Empties #3 - Mini Reviews.

I know it seems so boring, but I really love a good empties post. I never knew looking through people's rubbish could be so fun - it's probably the easiest way to do it without getting a restraining order. I thought I'd share with ye 5 products I've used up completely, what I thought of them and most importantly; if I would repurchase them in the future!

Empties #3

1. Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel
If you're a fan of Lush, or even if you just get Lush stuff as gifts for Christmas, I'm sure you're aware of Snow Fairy. The Snow Fairy comes but once a year in the form of a shimmering pink cotton candy scented shower gel and it is so sweet it would probably give Willy Wonka diabetes. I won't lie, it is very sugary but I absolutely love it and look forward to cracking open a bottle when November rolls around. Real talk though, when I first got into Lush (which is about 6 years ago now, in the Covent Garden store) they had their Christmas range in and tried to show me Snow Fairy but I absolutely hated it. Now, I'm obsessed with the stuff - I even use this in my hair and the scent stays for hours. So, I'd say this is an evident repurchase... I may or may not already have 2 new bottles of this on the go in my showers at home and in college... say naaaaaaathin'.
Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

2. Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil
This was the first brand of cleansing oil I'd ever tried about 2 years ago and I really enjoyed it - this particular bottle was actually a repurchase! It is very thick but breaks down all your bullet/water/apocalypse proof makeup pretty easily. With it being so thick and me having ridiculously oily skin, I have to be sure to thoroughly cleanse after I use this or else it can leave a greasy film on the surface. I've since been trying a new (Irish based) makeup removing balm/oil which I've been really loving and I'll be featuring on here soon. Sephora brand is really only available in the states and mainland Europe, so while I haven't repurchased it immediately, I probably will when I'm living in France... in four months... alone... SEND HELP! (and money for Sephora splurges)
Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil

3. Essence All About Matt! Loose Powder
I loved how inexpensive this was for a massive pot of translucent loose powder. A lot of higher end brands do this kind of thing and while I don't think the Essence one is as soft as the Makeup Forever (or even the Gosh one), I still think it applies and sits similarly on the skin. Overall it was pretty good and lasted ages. I would probably repurchase it if I could find the feckin' thing again but I haven't been able to get it anywhere!
Essence All About Matt! Loose Powder

4. Lush Bûche de Noel Cleanser
I haven't featured this in an empties post before purely because I automatically throw my Lush black pots into a separate box to bring 5 back for a free fresh face mask (I'm very proud that I remembered to include this). That being said, I absolutely love this cleanser! Unfortunately it's a Christmas/limited edition special but they've been bringing it out every year for the last few years and I always purchase a tub or two when they come out. I'm a massive fan of Lush's solid facial cleansers (I'm thinking of doing a post on them soon!) and this is a great one for dry winter skin. Smells amazing, nourishes and softens whilst cleansing and gently exfoliating. Tis poo that it's limited edition but I would definitely recommend picking it up next time you're in Lush around holiday season!

Lush Buche de Noel Cleanser

5. Seventeen Stay Time Foundation
I think this is the most positive empties post yet. I haven't much to say about this foundation other than I've spoken about it plenty of times, recommended it to anyone with oily skin wanting full coverage and I absolutely loveeeee it. Decent range of paler shades, one of the best full coverage foundations I own (definitely among drugstore "full coverage" foundations anyway!) and a great price point. I've gone through about 4 bottles of this and will always repurchase, for as long as my blemish prone skin shall live.
Seventeen Stay Time Foundation
I would repurchase all of these products - and have already done so with #1, #4 and #5. What are your recent empties and would you buy them again? Be sure to let me know in the comments below so I can try some new products! Does anybody else feel a massive sense of accomplishment when they finish an entire product? Just me...?