Saturday, 6 June 2015

Review | Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow.

I've had this review written up and saved in my drafts for ages, but I wanted to bring in the help of my friend and her fancy Canon camera because there was no way my camera could do this even an inch of justice! That being said, I hope my fellow "oooh look tinfoil is shiny!" magpies enjoy the review.
When most people hear the word "glitter" they generally wince at the thought. The herpes of cosmetics, right? Spill a pinch of it on your dresser and you'll be seeing stars for weeks after, picking it out of your hair and god knows where else. I personally love glitter, but I definitely understand that it can be a pain, and sometimes I want sparkle without huge chunks of sparkle on my eye lids. This is where Urban Decay come in. They have a range of pressed "Moondust eyeshadows" which gives sparkle, reflects and dimension but without the hassle and mess of pots of glitter. The shade I bought about 3 months ago is in the colour "Solstice" and I thought I'd show you all how absolutely stunning it is - seriously, I could stare at this thing all day.

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow
The Moondust shadows are very similar to MAC pressed pigments, in the sense that they give a sheer wash of colour but with a tonne of sparkle and dimension. You can pat them on dry (but it is recommended to be used wet) to give a hint of that sparkle or really pack it on with your finger (my preferred method) for lots of glow. I think they're a really sophisticated take on glitter and add something to an otherwise plain eye look. This has been my go-to for a "I look like I made loads of effort but I really just stuck a colour in my crease and Solstice all over the lid" kind of look. This and my Naked Basics original is all I've been wearing on my eyes when I go on nights out and I always get loads of compliments and questions about what I'm wearin' on ma eye ballzzzz.

I love the compact little pan, I love how easy it is to apply (once you find your favourite method) and most of all I love how different it can look depending on how you apply it or what you pair it with. The swatch below is dry, and comes off more brown based with blue shimmer (perfect for amping up an every day neutral eye), but when applied with a really sticky base (MAC Pro eyeliner mixing medium, Inglot Duraline etc) is transforms into an almost pink base with very noticeable blue shimmer which reminds me of MAC's Reflects Transparent Teal glitter. It looks different in every light (making it a pain to photograph!) but I think it is such a gorgeous product. At first glance it looks like Blue Brown pigment in the pan, but the amount of shimmer and dimension the Moondust shadow gives sets it worlds about from the pigment in my opinion. 

Urban Decay - Solstice
The Moondust range has a couple of brights, dark jewel tone shades and some paler colours too, so it caters for all your glitter needs. I think the darker jewel tones would be particularly great for amping up a plain black/bronze smokey eye so I can't wait to get a few more to add to my collection. I think this is great for both the glitter fanatic and the glitter-phobe. Moondust makes looking like discoball easy and sophisticated with minimal mess and maximum iridescence. €18, available from Debenhams and the usual suspects. Is Moondust up your alley or are you a matte eyeshadow girl through and through? Let me know below and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for lots more makeup updates :)

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow
Moondust Eyeshadow - Solstice (swatch)