Monday, 1 June 2015

Brand Focus | Wet n Wild Beauty - Face/Complexion.

Hi guys, I hope you're all well! With Wet n Wild officially launching in Ireland and popping up in more and more places, (Penneys and Dunnes being your best bet to finding them) I thought it would be a good idea to do a brand focus post showing you all the products that I've tried from the brand so far. I had intended on originally doing an overall brand focus (obviously, Grace.. that's what a brand focus post is!) but it was only when I piled all my Wet n Wild products together that I figured it would be way too long of a post to show ye everything in one go. So, I thought I'd split them up into different parts; face/complexion, eyes, lips and nails and I'd link the previous posts as I went along if you wanted to see more.
I will say that I'm overall impressed with Wet n Wild as a brand, particularly since it is so affordable. They have a really broad range of products from all categories at such an amazing price. Of course with most brands, particularly budget ones, there are doing to be duds along the way (which Wet n Wild are not without!) but having tried an array of products I can safely say that they have more gems than duds which I'm very happy about. Gone are the days when we'd write a Wet n Wild list for our family going stateside - Wet n Wild are here and here to stay!

First up in this mini series is the complexion and face products. Admittedly I haven't tried a massive amount of their face products but from what I have tried it's fairly decent. I have other budget brands that I rely on for foundations and concealers, but they do have some nice products all the same if you're really not looking to spend a fortune. 

Their Coverall foundation* is nice, but not my absolute favourite foundation (Seventeen 25 Hour Full Coverage I am lookin' at you!). The name and "cream foundation" description makes it sound like it's going to be super full coverage but it goes on quite natural and can be built up to a good medium finish when layered. I'm in the shade Fair and it's a pretty good match (ever so sliiiightly dark but I am a ghost and it is a drugstore foundation, so I'm not too annoyed. I've had worse colour matches!) It sets quite well on the skin (I'd say the finish is satin-matte) and doesn't feel too sticky or wet but I still like to set it with a powder since I am an oil slick. I wore it during a waitressing shift and found that it lasted pretty well but did separate around my nose a little after a few hours - nothing too horrific, though. Overall, I'm not absolutely in love with it but will use it during the day and will use it up until it's finished.

I tried their Coverall powder a while back (and featured it in an empties post ages ago) but don't have it here to photograph unfortunately. I did really like this powder, I found it quite like Studio Fix by MAC in the sense that it gave really good coverage on its own, and added further coverage when setting my liquid foundation. The only gripe I had with it was that the product itself didn't last at alllll. It kicked up so much powder when I put my brush in it that I hit pan on it within a couple of weeks. That being said, it's so cheap I wouldn't really mind too much and would still recommend it if you're looking for a powder with good coverage. 

Their Mega Glow Illuminating Powder* is similar to a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. I received this in a goodie bag at an in the shade Starlight Bronze. Not a shade I'd pick for myself as a bronzer - it is very dark, very warm and very shimmery. If you're a fake tan lover and don't mind a very shimmery bronzer then I'm sure you'd like this because the texture itself is really smooth and pigmented. I'd recommend swirling all the colours together for a very Michael Kors "bronze goddess girl" type look. So, not a shade I'd personally recommend as a bronzer/illuminator for someone as fair as me, but I do believe they have other highlighter and blush shades in the range which could be worth looking at since the actual texture of the product is so nice. And, since I can't get much use out of it on my cheeks, I've been using them as eyeshadows and they're lovely!

Their Colour Icon blushes are absolutely beautiful. I hate the packaging, but they're be-a-ut-iful blushes and I will be picking up more next time I'm at a WnW stand. Heather Silk is the one I have here to show ye and it's a mix between a mauve and a raspberry shade. It's a matte blush but they do have shimmer ones in the range too if that's more your thaaang. The formula is so smooth and silky, super pigmented and looks far from chalky or dry on the skin. Highly recommend!

L-R: Mega Glow Bronzer, Colour Icon Blush.
Have you tried any other face products from Wet n Wild? What should I pick up next? Be sure to let me know below or on Twitter because you know me and the adrenaline rush I get with a bargain buy! ;)