Sunday, 28 June 2015

Summer Skin | Lush, Tan Organics, Waxperts.

I'm a big advocate of looking after your skin any time of the year, but I really like to make more of an effort to exfoliate and moisturize like a mad yoke in the summer when I know my arms and legs are probably going to be on show a bit more. I say probably, because since I'm in Ireland, the word summer doesn't mean a whole lot except ice cream in the cloud or rain, but I thought I'd still show you some of the things I used in my holiday beauty prep routine; some new loves, some firm favourites and recent rediscoveries. 


First up is one of my favourite exfoliators of all time; Buffy by Lush. It's a solid bar of little scrubby beads suspended in a solid bar of oils/lotion that you use on wet skin in the shower. This is one of their best sellers and one I've always repurchased when I run out. If you have any dry or flaky skin on your body you NEED to try this. It gives a really good scrub and the lotion/massage bar full of shea and coco butter moisturizes your skin so I don't find I need a super heavy duty body cream once I get out of the shower which is nice and time saving. I use this two to three times a week and keep it in a little Lush tin to protect it in my shower so it doesn't melt away. I imagine this would be a great one for hard core fake tanners to get every last bit of tan off!

Lush Cosmetics - Buffy
This is a fairly new product to me, but one I've been really enjoying. The Lush Kalamazoo is marketed as a beard and facial wash. I've been using it as a shaving cream on my legs and under my arms and oh my god. The smoothness. It has lots of butters and oils to soften the skin, and it has a lovely thin texture that means I get a smooth close shave on my legs. The best part? IT SMELLS LIKE PINEAPPLES. Always a plus for me. If you're into shaving creams, I'd give this a go coming up to holidays. Equally, if your boyfriend is a stubbly mubbly, I'd give this to him and just sneakily rob some for yourself. 

Lush Cosmetics - Kalamazoo
Ah, Happy Hippy. One of the first things from Lush I ever bought, and still a firm favourite in my house's shower to this day. I didn't have a bottle of this for ages (I was well stocked up on Snow Fairy) but I repurchased this when I got back from my holidays and it will live in my shower all summer. I just adore the strong grapefruit citrus smell it gives. Something about those smells scream summer to me. This lathers up really nicely and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft post shower.

Lush Cosmetics - Happy Hippy Shower Gel
I featured the Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil* in my first ever Finds From the Emerald Isle series and I'd been using it loads when I first got it (seriously, I was using this stuff for pretty much everything except drinking the stuff). I thought I lost it between moving from Galway back home for the summer and I didn't have it in my bathroom for ages, but I recently found it just on time for getting my waxing done before I went away on holidays and this was a life saver. Check out my blog post on this product for all its many uses - it's earned a place in my summer skin routine since I found it again and I'll be using it religiously for post waxing treatments, on my hair and on my temples to help me sleep!

Waxperts - Beautiful Body Oil
Last but not least, I feel like I should include the Tan Organics Tanning Oil* because even though I'm not usually the biggest advocate of tan on myself (I'm too lazy and just generally really crap at applying typical false tans), I have actually really been enjoying this product. I got it in a goodie bag at the ITWBN event ages ago and never touched it until I was going to Barcelona and figured I should look just a little darker than casper before I jumped on the plane, especially since I don't actually tan when I do go out in the sun. I had heard so much about this product, lots of bloggers love it and I can see why. Tan Organics is all natural, all organic tan in a dry oil. You apply it like a body lotion (but in oil form, obviously) and you can get dressed almost immediately which I love - no waiting around to rinse it off, it just develops on the skin overtime. It does take a few hours to develop but once it does it is the most natural, "skin-like" looking tan. No orange, just a golden brown that doesn't get caught in pores/arm hairs and look awful. You can apply as much as you want, I lashed it on but it is honestly so hard to feck this up I think anyone could use it. A super one if you are starting to get into fake tans or just want to try something new. They're Irish, too, which is super!

Tan Organics - Tanning Oil
Those are my 5 favourites for beautiful summer skin - I'd love to know what products ye are all using so I can try some new things! As always, be sure to keep up to date via Bloglovin' and chat makeup and beauty with me on Twitter and Instagram :)