Sunday, 2 August 2015

Review/Swatches | Wet n Wild Venice Beach Collection.

What is the best way to perk up a dull day? Some new palettes from Wet n Wild based on the theme of Venice Beach, obviously. When these came through my post box I honestly let out a little "squeeeee!" - only Judy can judge me, okay?! Wet n Wild have released 3 limited edition eight pan eyeshadow palettes (€6.49 each) from their new collection and I'm here to shade all 3 with ye today! These are all brights, vibants and neons with a range of shimmers and mattes which I absolutely love to see, particularly from such an inexpensive brand. 

I'm a huge fan of the Wet n Wild eyeshadows (especially their 8 pan palettes which I've previously reviewed here) so I was delighted to see such bright colours for the summer time. As with all their palettes, I've found there to be some (but very few) misses, with most palettes having 6 out of 8 hits or really great shades. Each palette was of course slightly different in terms of pigmentation/shades which I'll touch on individually below but overall, I couldn't recommend them enough if you were looking to spend just a couple of euro on a shade you aren't going to be wearing every day (and if you are about neon blue eyelids every day, then they're still a great option!). Once you wear a good primer and sticky base underneath these, you are golden! There are definitely a couple of Urban Decay Electric Palette dupes among these, too, and you could easily pick up all 3 of the Wet n Wild palettes for a fraction of the price of the UD one. I am still head over heels in laaaav with my Electric Palette, but I understand not everyone is going to see it as being worth the money when they won't use it every day, so these ones are a fantastic option, despite the few "bleh" shadows. These do kick up a bit of powder when you swirl your brush in the pan/swatch them/apply them to the lid but like I said, a sticky base and Bob is your uncle... or something. And, for reference, these swatches are sans primer!

Venice Beach Collection: Boardwalk Boozing (left), High Flying Colours (top right), Hemporary Solutions (bottom right)

High Flying Colours has a mix of mostly blues and purples (3 mattes, 5 shimmers) and was probably my least favourite out of the bunch, purely because the ratio of amazing to mediocre shadows (pigmentation and longevity wise) was 50/50 as opposed to the other two. I think the stand out shades in this one are the two bottom blues, the hot pink and the bottom right hand purple. The bottom blue is a great dupe for Chaos and the matte purple is similar to something like Sugarpill's Poison Plum. I used this palette under a black base and thought I'd show you the look I came up with to show that even though its the most "meh" of all three, it is still workable and also to show ye that you can make these super bright colours a bit less in your face by incorporating them into a jewel toned smokey eye.
Wet n Wild High Flying Colours 

Boardwalk Boozing (best. name. ever) is a complete pick'n'mix of yellow, orange, pink, blue, greens, a silver and a vibrant plum with 5 mattes, 2 shimmers and a duochrome I don't know if there are technically repeats among the three palettes, but there is a matte blue (Chaos-esque) and a silver that look identical to the ones in High Flying Colours (although I actually preferred the texture of the silver in Boardwalk Boozing!) I think this one has the best mix of colours overall, although I wouldn't buy it solely for the yellow or two green shades because they're just not that great. However, I really really loved the bright orange in this (it's matte, pigmented and super creamy) and the bottom right plum/pink duochrome shade which is so similar to Urban Decay's Jilted and with equally great pigmentation. The blue, silver and pink also performed really well for me. 

Wet n Wild Boardwalk Boozing
Hemporary Solutions is mostly greens/blues with warmer orange/red/pink sunset tones. Whilst there isn't as much diversity in the colours as there is with Boardwalk Boozing, I think this one overall had the best pigmentation across the board. The only ones I wasn't impressed with were the yellow (same story as Boardwalk Boozing, although matte yellows are ALWAYS hard to get right) and the matte kelly green underneath. Hemporary Solutions has 6 mattes (yay!), 1 shimmer and a duochrome. Whilst it has similar orange and pink matte shades as Boardwalk Boozing, honestly I'd get it for the bright matte red and mermaid-y turquoise/gold duochromes as well as the Boardwalk Boozing (for the diversity) because the pigmentation in these two palettes are absolutely super! I was also very, very pleasantly surprised by the matte white. It is very powdery but super opaque so I can deal with it kicking up powder in the pan because it doesn't look chalky when it's on the skin at all - big fan!

Wet n Wild Hemporary Solutions
Overall, I'm so impressed with these palettes. Not every single shade is a winner, but I think it would be unfair to expect that given the price of them. High Flying Colours is the least unique of the three, and the only really great shade in it that the other two are missing is the Poison Plum-esque matte purple so if you wanted to buy it just for that, go ahead. If not, then I'd recommend definitely picking up the other two palettes and experimenting with some colour in your summer makeup routine! Let me know if you plan on picking any of these up. Wet n Wild can be found in Dunnes Stores and Penneys across the country! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how I use the super bright shades in this collection over the next few weeks! x