Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Everyday Face | Urban Decay Naked Skin.

I have a handful of foundations that I absolutely love and will always go back to, and that handful is very hard to infiltrate... So, when Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation made it into that handful I knew it was a big deal. I thought I'd share my current everyday face routine with ye since it's all coming from the UD range (something that rarely happens with me and base routines - I generally mix and match everything) and the foundation/concealer duo is particularly lovely. I've been using this combo for the last month and a half and I am in luuuurv. These products have been hyped up online for so long, I can't believe I only got around to buying them this summer but, alas. This is my routine for a polished and put together "every day" face that covers a multitude but still looks like "skin" - I hate to use such a wishy washy term, but Urban Decay did a seriously amazing job on these products and the whole "skin-like" finish.  


First up is the foundation (€34, Debenhams). I tried this on in Sephora over the summer when I was purchasing the Naked Skin concealer, I liked it but didn't leave the shop with it and made a mental note to purchase it next time I was near a counter. Blah blah blah. This stuff is seriously fantastic. The packaging is fab, the texture is super watery and light (one pump is enough for my whole face for a light but even coverage) and it looks so seamless on the skin. This is the easiest and quickest foundation to apply - no joke, it takes about 10 seconds with a big domed kabuki brush. The shade range is excellent and the lightest colour (0.5/my shade) is wonderful for all my caspers out there. So, the first layer is a light coverage but still covers like a foundation (no tinted moisturizer/BB/CC/Zzzz cream here) but definitely can be built up to a medium coverage very easily. What I love about building it is that is always still looks like "skin" and almost undetectable on the skin. No idea how they did it, but Urban Decay done gooooood. 
The finish is a demi-matte so I feel like it would suit every single skin tone depending on how you prep/prime/apply/finish. If you have dry skin, I still think you'll enjoy the demi-matte finish purely because it still looks like luminous skin and doesn't cling onto any dry patches, just moisturize as normal and you're golden. Normal-combination will have no problem with this, just prime and powder any shiny areas. As an oily skin girl, I think this is a gorgeous foundation with and without primer, but I do always powder because demi-matte is great but powder is a must for me with any foundation. Longevity wise, it isn't Double Wear, but it's unfair to expect such a light foundation to last through a marathon, and a full days work, and a trip to Tesco. If you prime and powder you will definitely notice an increase in longevity but it does still have really nice staying power, probably because it's so thin that it really buffs into the skin and there's no heavy cakey excess sitting on top of the skin's surface. Although I've been using a buffing brush to get the most coverage out of it, I can imagine this would look stunning applied with a wet beauty blender type sponge, particularly for dry skin. I've been using this as my every day foundation and because of that, I seriously appreciate how lightweight it feels. I suppose I got so used to heavy foundations that I never really understood the "ugh full coverage foundations always feel so heavy on the skin" until I tried Naked Skin. Whilst I've been currently using a H&M powder to set this foundation, I do know that they have a Naked Skin loose powder and even a compact powder foundation if you're the kind of person who really loves using the "full" range from a brand in your foundation routine. My love for their liquid face products have made me write a mental note to try their powder stuff next.

Next up is the concealer (€22). I did it. I jumped on the Jaclyn Hill bandwagon. It took me ages but I made it onto that aforementioned bandwagon regardless. Okay, this concealer is gorgeous. I won't lie and tell you it is perfect every single time and that everyone will love it because unfortunately that isn't the case. However, if you (again, like the foundation) prime right and get it to work then this concealer is gorgeous for under the eyes and highlighting areas on the face. The shade range is great (again, like the foundation) with cool, warm and neutral undertones for each concealer. This concealer is quite liquidy and thin feeling, making it a good match for the foundation. I find the coverage to be a solid medium coverage and is really brightening under the eyes. The thin texture makes it feel really lightweight, and I think the longevity of this is slightly better than the foundation. The medium coverage still covers a multitude, and I've been using this for nights out too, not just reserving it for a natural day time face. The only issue I have with this concealer is that if my under-eye area is in any way dry or flaky it doesn't always look the best.  Moisturizing the eye area beforehand is a must. Otherwise, it's an absolutely beautiful concealer and one I would still recommend, provided you allow 2-3 tries of playing around with it to really get it perfect.

I thought I'd finish this face routine with some complimentary cheek products, also from Urban Decay. The Naked Flushed (€29.50) trio is a long term favourite of mine at this stage. It's a product I bring with me travelling, to festivals, and one of the only cheek products I made sure I took with me when I moved to France. They have 3 different trios to suit most skin tones - my favourite is Streak with a light bronzer and coral blush. This is the quickest product to use, you don't even have to think about it. I take a big fluffy powder brush (the same one I use for setting my foundation), run some bronzer along the outer parts of my face, the same brush to blush and either my finger or a small fluffy brush to highlight. It's perfect if I'm rushing to get ready for college and I often use this on my eyes if I'm in a pinch. This is favourite way to finish off an every day face routine that looks completely put together, covers wonderfully, still looks like skin and photographs beautifully. 

What are your every day face products? Let me know below and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' to keep updated with all things makeup and beauty! :)