Thursday, 12 November 2015

Gotta Glow.

Is it socially acceptable to start talking about Christmas makeup yet? No? Good thing I'm a highlighter freak all year round then, so. However, I did feel it apt to chat to ye about some of my recent favourite highlighters that I've accumulated in my collection since tis the season to shine bright like a diamond and be seen from space... at least that's how I like my highlight, anyway. I don't think I've spoken about any of these products on my blog before, although I've featured them all briefly on my Instagram and have been really enjoying these since I got them. Of course, I still love my Soft and Gentle and Lightscapade, the usual suspects, but it's nice to see some other highlights from other price ranges every once in a while, right?!

First up is one that has Soft and Gentle-esque cult status and that's Mary Lou by The Balm. I bought mine from Cloud10 for €20 which I think is actually such a brilliant deal considering it isn't technically drugstore. A little of this goes a long, long way. Mary Lou is super creamy and metallic, almost wet looking on the skin but it is seriously high shine. It's probably the most reflective highlight I own and I laaaav it. To me it's a yellow/gold base with champagne shimmer. Although it isn't super white/silver, I still love to wear this and I have very fair skin, and I think it's a good all rounder for most skintones to be honest. Ugh such love for this product it is insaaaane. The hype is REAL.

Next up is the Physician's Formula Youthful Wear Illuminating Powder*. This is technically marketed as a face powder... I like my shine but my god I would never use this to set my whole face. It isn't super reflective or metallic, but it definitely does have illumination and a sheen, way too much for my oily skin and I even think it would be too much on a dry skin, it would just accentuate dry areas. HOWEVER, as a strategic highlight under the eyes or as a very subtle cheek highlight this is beautiful for a medium skin tone. It has a very warm undertone so if you're very fair I don't think it's ideal but if you're NW20 upwards in MAC terms then this would werkkk well. The light reflecting particles in it make it really beautiful powder to wear - just not alllll over the face as intended.

The most affordable highlight I have here to show you guys comes from good aul' Essence. This is from their limited edition Christmas collection so if you want this bad boy I'd snap it up ASAP. I held very little hopes for this guy, I had tried some Essence powders in the past and they were chunky, chalky and just dusted off the cheeks after 30 minutes wear. This is so buttery and smooth, in a similar vein to Mary Lou but just not quiteeee as shiny and a little more white/silver than gold - but those two things might suit some people more, so it's up to personal preference. Either way, it was cheap as chips and gives a really standout highlight perfect for parties/nights out... and look at the lil' stars! I am a marketer's dream, lads.

Last but not least is my favourite drugstore find in a long time. I could do an entire post on this bad boy alone but basically it's true, true bebo luv between myself and the Sleek Solstice highlighting palette. I did have its bigger sister, the Precious Metals counterpart. It was nice, really pigmented but it had 3 cream highlights and one powder (which was more of an eyeshadow for me because it was too dark as a highlighter). Nevertheless, the quality was there, I just don't use cream highlights all that often so I didn't reach for it too much. The Solstice palette is far more my jam, and I absolutely love it. If you like a dramatic highlight, this will also be your jam. It comes with 4 shades - one cream, three powders. The cream is a rose copper bronze, it's quite sheer when you blend it out so I think even fair skin could get away with this, even if you wanted to use it more as a cheek/blush highlight. The 3 powders are where it's at, though. There's 2 high frost, very shimmery shades - one pink toned and one peach toned. The final shade is a creamy white with gold reflects, similar to Nylon by MAC. All 3 powders are creamy, very reflective and wet looking and just ahhhhh you need it. I really love Mary Lou for a dramatic highlight, have been using it for months, and will continue to use it, but Solstice is my new baby and I just think I might love loads. SQUEEEEEEEEE.

L-R: Essence, Physician's Formula, The Balm.
Sleek Solstice Palette. 
Those are my top picks for a beautiful glow this winter, or any time of the year really... who is to say your cheeks can't look bangin' every damn day of the year? Let me know what you use to get your glow below! :)