Wednesday, 18 June 2014

MAC X Osbournes.

I'm not even sure where to begin with this blog post! If you're an avid MAC/limited edition collection follower then you probably know that MAC in recent years have been letting standards slip with collections. However, I was so intrigued when I found out a while ago that Sharon and Kelly Osbourne would be collaborating with the company this Summer. It has been a longggg time since a collection from MAC grabbed my attention this much. I love the collaborators themselves, love the packaging, love the products, names and colours! Before I even get into showing the products I can definitely say that this is my favourite MAC collection in years. I ordered some of the products from Selfridges and the other half from Brown Thomas. This collection sold out online incredibly quickly both US and UK but a friend told me that when she was in Brown Thomas last week the only thing that they had sold out of was the blushes and one lipstick. I've since seen a lot of people post pictures of the stuff they bought and a lot of the products still seem to be available! As a small disclaimer; these products actually arrived the day I had flown out to Rome and I only got my hands on them when I came home so apologies about the delay in getting this post up!

 The collection itself is broken up into 2; Sharon Osbourne (Fabulous) and Kelly Osbourne (Outspoken). Each collection has similar products; an eyeshadow quad, brushes, eye and lip pencils, a blush, mineralise skinfinish duo and lip products (patent polish pencils for Sharon, lipsticks for Kelly). The packaging for this collection is gorgeous! The Sharon side of the collection matches her hair - glossy and red with her signature in lilac script. Kelly's is a frosted matte lilac case with red signature.

I'll start with the Sharon side of the collection since I only picked up one thing from her line. Sharon's was definitely more neutral colours and I would have picked up the blush too but I just felt like I had seen a colour similar to Peaches & Cream way too many times! (It also had zero peach in it and was a definite pink so I have no idea where they were going with the name). I did, however, pick up the MSF duo in Refresh. I'm a sucker for MSFs and always try to pick up one from a collection. I liked this one more than Jolly Good (MSF duo from Kelly's line) and had heard better things about Refresh. The duo consists of a darker bronzer shade with a subtle sheen and a smaller peach gold section used to highlight. This isn't as orange as I thought it was going to be which I'm very happy about and makes a very beautiful bronzer/highlight duo for summer. The texture is soft but not powder or chalky and, in typical MAC MSF style, blends beautifully into the skin. 

Mineralise Skinfinish Duo - Refresh

Continuing on with the cheek products, Kelly's blush in Cheeky Bugger is a stunning soft pastel coral peach with a subtle silver shimmer. It has the right amount of pink in it to stop the peach looking too orange. It has a satin finish and is slightly powdery but overall a really lovely blush. This colour is very light, though and so I would say that it is best suited to a lighter skin tone. In general, much of Kelly's colour scheme suits a paler complexion like her own. If you have paler skin then this is definitely something I would recommend picking up!

Cheeky Bugger Blush

Next up is the Bloody Brilliant eyeshadow quad. I LOVE the names in this collection! I was surprised I even got this quad - I normally hate MAC limited edition quads/eyeshadow palettes. I don't know what it is about them but they never seem to be as good as regular MAC eyeshadows and so I only have a handful of them, from older collections. In any case, I saw the swatches for this quad and was actually very impressed! I definitely gravitate towards these plummy, purple tones and so when I saw that the swatches weren't absolutely appalling like previous collections, I decided to buy it! Spoonful of sugar is a light cool toned silver-beige with a pink undertone, Tickety Boo is a plum mid-tone brown, Fizzy Rose is a true lavender with a silver sheen and Shadowy Lady is a deep blackcurrant purple. Upon initial swatch, the overall colour payoff of the quad is good. The only shade that really needs a little bit of love, tlc and a sticky base underneath is Fizzy Rose but I think that this would make a nice blending colour for purple smokey eyes or even an interesting blush!Another thing I will say is that from actually using the quad and applying it to my eyes, it applies a lot better than merely swatched with no primer. The look achieved with this palette is probably going to be softer, because the colours are very soft but can be amped up quite a bit with Shadowy Lady. There is a nice range of textures with 1 veluxe pearl, 2 satins and a matte. Something worth noting is that Shadowy Lady is a permanent shade while the other 3 are limited edition. This palette is definitely dupeable from permanent shades in the collection, though (Phloof for Spoonful of Sugar, Quarry for Tickety Boo, Beautiful Iris/Digit in place of Fizzy Rose and Shadowy Lady being permanent). It's a 'nice to have, but not necessary' kind of a thaaaang.

L-R: Shadowy Lady (M), Fizzy Rose (S), Ticket Boo (S), Spoonful of Sugar (VP)

Finally, comes the most exciting part of the collection for me - the lipsticks! These sold out online ridiculously fast but as I said, I do know that when I last checked Brown Thomas did have plenty left of every shade except Dodgy Girl I believe! There were 4 lipsticks in this collection and I have 3 here to show you. The other lipstick, Riot House, was a peachy creamsicle orange matte lipstick and I knew the moment I saw promo images for it that it would look woeful on me so I decided to skip out on that one! Once again, I love the packaging for the lipsticks with the lilac bullet.. it almost reminds me of the Dame Edna collection from years ago. 

Kelly Yum Yum, Dodgy Girl, Strip Poker
Strip Poker is a peach nude colour and has a matte finish. This shade is definitely more of a peach nude than a pink nude and would again suit paler skin tones. Although the mattes in the collection were, well, mattes, they didn't feel drying at all. Strip poker is actually quite creamy and surprisingly didn't show up any dry or cracked skin on my lips.This shade is nice, but definitely not unique and is very dupeable from a lot of different brands and Fleshpot/Myth (MAC) is almost identical! 

Kelly Yum Yum is a cool toned bright fuschia with a satin finish. I was so excited to see that Kelly Osbourne would be coming out with a colour inspired by the famous (and permanent) Candy Yum Yum, which is a colour she regularly wears herself! Kelly Yum Yum is very bright but definitely not as neon as Candy Yum Yum and so it seems to be slightly more wearable. I love the colour and formula of this lipstick and while others have said that it isn't that unique, I still think its a great lipstick to have in your collection. It glides on the lips and doesn't settle into lines. It does leave a stain behind, which is a pro or a con depending on the person. I don't have many shades quite like this with a similar texture and so I'd definitely recommend picking this up! Kelly Yum Yum is really the only lipstick that I can say would look amazing on all skin tones and so I think out of all the lipsticks is most universally flattering.

Last but not least is Dodgy Girl. Dodgy Girl is a true midtone lavender with a matte finish. It definitely has pink tones in it more so than grey/blue and so I would say it's more of a lavender than a lilac. This made it more wearable for me and stops your teeth looking very yellow. Although it has a matte texture, I would group this as more of a satin because it has a very, very slight sheen. Like all of the lipsticks in the collection, it was long-wearing and very opaque. It also left a very subtle stain behind but that really only adds to the long wearing quality. This is without a doubt the most unique colour among all the lipsticks and so if you can, by some miracle, still get this... then absolutely do!

Overall, I am so happy with this collection. From the packaging to the products, I think MAC and the Osbournes did a great job! My recommendations from the collection would be the Cheeky Bugger blush and either Kelly Yum Yum or Dodgy Girl! I hope everyone got a chance to pick up what they wanted from this collection - I know the torture a lot of people went through online trying to get things and it definitely didn't help that MAC were very sneaky about their UK release dates! If you picked something up or are planning on getting something from MAC x Osbournes please let me know! I really think MAC did this collection justice so I'm hoping this collection luck trend follows through to the Marge Simpson one in Autumn! 
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