Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Favourites | Autumn Eyes.

I wasn't really sure what to call this post, and I'm still not fully sure how to accurately describe it but sure we'll go for it. Autumn is such a great time for bold, but still somewhat neutral eyes. I find a lot of inspiration in nature when it comes to autumnal themed makeup... if it looks like a colour that fell from a tree, then I want to put it on my eyeballs. I've done a favourite blushes for this time of year, and will be doing a lipstick follow up post too. I wouldn't necessarily say that these are my "Top *definite number* eyeshadows for fall" because they're not all eyeshadows, it's a mix of products and it's more of a general guide of season appropriate colours that I love to incorporate into my makeup during this time of year... make sense? It did in my head, I swear!

I'm going to be showing you some great colours that look particularly lovely this time of year, and different ways of wearing them. I think those of you who are all about eye makeup and aren't feeling dark vampy lips will benefit most from this, but I think there's something here everyone can take from it. I've been wanting to do some autumnal inspired FOTD posts, and sorry they've been slacking, but I've been trying to deal with terrible lighting in my college home and just finding the time to sit down and actually do my makeup during the day! Another thing I realised is that I do a lot of different variations of the same looking during this time of year. In the sense that I'll use a lot of plums, browns, maroons and golds and use them differently on the eye (for example with or without winged liner, with gold in the inner corner or on the centre of the lid etc). It's using the same products, but give a different effect. So, I naturally had to include the stand out products that I've been using on all, or most of my FOTD's in this post :)

1. Half Baked (Urban Decay)
Half Baked by Urban Decay is in pretty much every old(ish) palette of theirs, and it's repeated in Naked 1 and 2, so don't worry if you don't have Naked 2 or the single pot form. If you don't have it at all, however.. I'd highly suggest getting it! It's my favourite "bright metallic liquid gold" eyeshadow and I use it in so many different looks. I think a good shiny gold is a great thing to have in general, but I particularly love using it with plums and warm red toned browns. I pop this in the centre, inner corner or lower lashline and it really brightens up the eye.

Shout out to the eyeshadow dust everywhereeee
2. #421 (top right), #608 (centre right), #452 (bottom right) (Inglot)
#421 is a beautiful warm chocolate bronze with gold shimmer. It's really buttery and pigmented and makes a really nice all over the lid dark bronze smokey eye colour!

#608 is Inglot's answer to MAC Texture, but I actually think I prefer this version. They're both very pigmented warm browns with gold glitter. The Inglot version is definitely more obviously orange/red than just brown which I really like, but if you're a die hard neutral girl then Texture might be more your thing. I love using this as a transitional shade to warm up the crease and think it looks beautiful with any accompanying warm shade.

My photo of #452 really doesn't do it justice but it's a beautiful shimmering dark cranberry maroon colour. I use this or Last Call (Urban Decay) on the lid with a brown in the crease and I love how it looks. This shade would make a nice accent colour under the eye, too. 
#421 (top right), #608 (centre right), #452 (bottom right)

3. Red Wine (Sephora)
I hear very little from American bloggers about Sephora brand eyeshadows and I have no idea why - they're beautiful! This was the first one I ever bought several years ago, and I've bought at least 6 more since! Red Wine is basically just that - it's a straight up maroon/burgundy shade. It is definitely red than purple, and there is a slight brown tint which means it can be put with very neutral brown/bronze looks, or the red can be played up if you wish. It's a really nice matte texture.. although it looks similar in pan to the Inglot one above, this is definitely deeper and I like to mix the 2 in looks for a variation in texture. I think a maroon/plum toned eyeshadow can be hard to come by, in terms of MAC I really like Embark and Sketch (both very different, but great warm shades for adding depth) which I've spoken about in my top MAC eyeshadows post (link here)

Sephora Red Wine

4. On and On Bronze (Maybelline)
I love the Mayebelline Colour Tattoos and this is easily one of my post used. I think pretty much everyone owns this shade if they've tried a Colour Tattoo. If you've been living under a rock for the past few years and haven't heard tale of them, then this is a shade I'd recommend picking up. It's a beautiful almost cool toned bronze shade (no orange or yellow, just browny bronze) cream shadow. I love to use this more as a colour base under shadows, but it makes for a really quick eye look to just sweep this across the lid and go. Permanent Taupe is one I like to use for a grey/purple all over smokey eye and Metallic Pomegranate is a very autumn appropriate shade that I think looks good alone or under a plum toned shadow. I included a swatch of Metallic Pomegranate below.. I wouldn't say it's an exact dupe for the Kiko shadow stick but it's a similar idea and much easier to get a hold of! If you're afraid of how red the Kiko one is, then it's also probably a good one to go for.

Maybelline On and On Bronze Colour Tattoo

5. #37 (Kiko)
I have worn this almost every single day that I've worn eye makeup since I've gotten it (in some shape or form). Now, I don't think that these are miracle long lasting products, because I definitely need to set them.. but, I think they make lovely cream eyeshadow bases to go under shadows, at least this particular shade does. It's a straight up red cranberry colour and it looks amazing on blue eyes, but obviously all eyes can rock this. I love sweeping this all over the lid with a brown in the crease and putting Urban Decay Last Call or my Inglot cranberry shade on top. It probably looks quite intimidating on your hand, but mixed with bronze, brown and gold and maybe even just applied on the outer lid, this can make a really interesting look. This actually inspired me to do this post because the colour just screams autumn leaves to me!

Kiko #37 Long Lasting Stick

6. Copper Glitter (Stargazer)
I know not everyone is with me on this one here but I am allllll about the glitter life. I don't know if it's just me, but cosmetic glitter can be hard to come by in Irish/UK based store/not from an indie company online (high end or drugstore!) I came across Stargazer a few years ago after hearing PixiWoo say they had a great dupe for the MAC Pro Copper glitter and decided to try it. More neutral toned glitters like these can really be made look so beautiful and elegant, even in a chunkier form like this. I LOVE to pack this on the lower lashline and then do a super smoky eye on the lid for a dramatic look. This was my go to "night out" look last year and I used to get so many questions about that particular glitter.. the main one being "ohmygaaaaad your makeup is class IS THAT A MAC GLITTER?!" Not for everyone, but I'd recommend giving it a go if you want to change up your look (think of the super original NYE glitter smokey eyes, ladies) or if you're already a glitter lover, this one is great! If you're really not a fan of glitter, try a copper toned eyeshadow instead :)

Stargazer Copper Glitter

Left: #608 (top), #421 (bottom) Right: Half Baked (top), #452 (bottom)

Kiko #37 (top), On and On Bronze (centre), Metallic Pomegranate (bottom)
Please excuse the poor quality of the following, but I really wanted to show you guys the general placement of these products/colours and how I use a lot of the same shades, just placed differently and with/sometimes without winged liner to alter the look! :)

I'm thinking of doing a FOTD post on this look with clearer images and a more detailed post on the first look below... Would you guys be interested in an autumn night out smokey eye?

Stargazer Copper glitter applied sheerly to the lower lashline was my go to night out look last year!

Warm matte brown (I used my Urban Decay Naked Basics a lot for this!) and a cranberry shade (sometimes from Inglot, sometimes Last Call from UD) and gold in the inner corners. This looks great with or without winged liner!
And that's everything! What are your favourite kind of colours to wear on your eyes this time of year? I'd love to know specific shade recommendations, too! Tweet me (@GraceyOConnell) or let me know below, and tell me if you like to play up your eyes, stick to the dark lips or brave both for autumn and winter. Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' and Instagram (@LongHairAndLashes) to keep up to date with new posts, and other beauty related things in between posts during the week :) x