Monday, 20 October 2014

New | Maybelline Colour Tattoos + Velvet Lip Pencils.

I went into Boots for eyelash glue and came out with a bag full of stuff (plus eyelash glue). Oh well... it's all for the sake of the blog really, isn't it? Does any other beauty blogger tell themselves that after a beauty shop? Anyway, I noticed Maybelline had some new (ish) products out and I decided to give them a go. I'm not exactly sure how new these specific Colour Tattoos are, because I haven't seen any talk about them, but I know the Lip Pencils are a pretty recent addition to the line. 

I absolutely love Maybelline Colour Tattoos, they're right up there in my favourite products in my makeup bag. They can of course be worn alone but I think they make great bases for underneath eyeshadows. Maybelline have released 2 "Leather Effect" Colour Tattoos in the shades "Creamy Beige" and "Vintage Plum" (€7.49). 
Creamy Beige is a medium brown. If you are familiar with other Colour Tattoos, It provides a slight gold sheen to the lid so isn't completely matte nor is it frosty. If you're familiar with other Colour Tattoos, it has more (subtle) shimmer than Permanent Taupe but is nowhere near as metallic as say On and On Bronze. It's in the same vein as the likes of Groundwork Paint Pot by MAC so I think this would be one a lot of people would get use out of every day. It's perfect to just sweep on the lids and get out the door! I found the texture to be really creamy (duh) and opaque, no sheer or uneven application here thankfully!
Vintage Plum is a more purple version of Permanent Taupe. I say this because, Permanent Taupe is of course, a taupe that pulls very grey, almost purple toned on me. This is definitely more purple than brown (as opposed to Permanent Taupe) but is still on `the muted grey side. This is a really pretty shade, one that would work with both neutral and more plum/burgundy looks. I think it's perfect for this time of year and would go great with a lot of the shades mentioned in my Autumn Eyeshadows and Autumnal FOTD posts. Vintage Plum is completely matte. I think it's the nature of the purple tones in this one, but I found it to be a lot more sheer than Creamy Beige. That's not necessarily a bad thing with this product, though... it just all depends on what you're looking for! The sheerness of it means that (if you're just using it alone as a cream eyeshadow) you can apply it quickly without having to worry too much about looking like it s a bruise. If you're using it as an eyeshadow base, it shouldn't really matter because you're applying eyeshadow over the top! Overall a really interesting shade and if you're not worried about the opacity of it, then I'd say try it out for this time of year. If you were to only get one, though, I'd say Creamy Beige is the one! CREAMY BEIGE IS BAE.

L-R: Creamy Beige, Vintage Plum.
Onto the Velvet Lip Pencil. I'd seen a lot of beauty bloggers rave about these and say they're a dupe for the NARS pencils. I can't vouch for the NARS dupe part, but I will say these are quite nice, particularly for the price (€7.49). I had seen people blog about around 6 shades and had my eyes on the vampy berry and red colours. Unfortunately, I went to 2 different Boots and could only see the same 4 shades (a beige nude, a light pink with gold glitter, a bright red/coral and a raspberry mauve). I went with the latter, because it was the deepest shade available. The only reason I'm not raving about these right off the bat is because I wasn't a fan of the shade selection available. I'm hoping to pick up the other 2 when they become more readily available soon! From swatching them all in Boots, I can say they seem to go on very pigmented and "Keep It Classy" is no exception. Its quite creamy when it goes on, and has a slightly creamy sheen (it feels almost tacky on the lips but in a good long lasting way) and eventually dries down to a semi-matte. Overall, it's a nice lip product for the price and I will definitely be looking to try them out in a few new shades. I'm feelin' like I need to try the elixirs next!
Velvet Lip Pencil - Keep It Classy.
L-R: Keep It Classy, Vintage Plum, Creamy Beige.
Have you tried any of these products mentioned? Have you discovered any new launches in Boots/Superdrug that you think are great? Please let me know below! Maybelline are currently on 3 for 2 in Boots so if you fancy anything mentioned here, it's a good time to pick them up.
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