Tuesday, 11 November 2014

10 Winter Lip Picks.

It's probably no surprise that I love bold, dark, vampy lips. So much so that this post was both a joy and a torture to write. 50% of me was so excited to share with you my favourite dark lip colours because well, I love talking about lipstick! The other 50% was dreading it because it was extremely hard for me to narrow it down to a) a particular number and b) permanent, readily available shades. I'm happy to say that all these colours are permanent, no limited edition ones here! I managed to restrict myself to just 10, otherwise I'd be here all day listing lipsticks! Most of these are more berry, purple and burgundy toned colours (although I did include a couple more subtle shades for you guys!) because I find them more readily available than the darker reds. That being said, I am waiting on a certain Lime Crime product that I'm hoping will prompt a follow-up post closer to Christmas around my top 5 holiday reds. Keep an eye out!
A lot of these are MAC, but I have a few budget/drugstore lipsticks here too that I love for winter and I hope you will too! These are just some of my favourite dark lipsticks, particularly the ones I've been using this year... if you want to see more lipsticks (and to see them in action on ma faaaace) then follow me on Instagram. I always post new makeup purchases on there and usually show them in a FOTD before they feature on ze blog!

1. Wet n Wild - Cinnamon Spice.
I've made it no secret that I'm a huge fan of Wet n Wild lip sticks. Great shade range, excellent texture and longevity and amazing price point. There are actually 2 other Wet n Wild that I would have included in this winter lips post (Cherry Bomb and Sugar Plum Fairy) but I've featured the former a few times on my blog and Instagram before, and the latter is super dupe-able and well known already. I hear very few people talk about Cinnamon Spice and I have no clue why - it's stunning! It looks almost brown in the tube and on the sticker but it has a lot of red to it that makes it a beautiful mahogany deep red. It lasts for ages and it a creamy matte. The only thing I hate about these lipsticks is the packaging, but sure what can ya do for the price! If you're interested in seeing my Wet n Wild lipstick collection, along with swatches and comparisons/dupes for MAC and Urban Decay shades, click here :) 

Wearing Wet n Wild Cinnamon Spice.
2. Rimmel - Dark Night Water - Oops.
I have quite a few shades in the Rimmel Moisture Renew range (from both the old and repackaged editions) and this is a really lovely new shade. It's very creamy and pigmented but not completely opaque like a matte. It definitely isn't a "one swipe and you're good to go" shade, it was ever so slightly patchy in some areas but that's easily fixed. It stays creamy on the lips and so isn't the most long wearing, but it doesn't dry out the lips so it's nice when your lips are particularly dry from the weather. I always pair this with a lip liner (like most dark lips!) but especially this one to prolong the wear time. It's a true deep berry shade, a shade or 2 darker than Rebel by MAC I would say, and obviously not as matte/satin in finish. 

3. Revlon Kissable Balm Stain - Crush.
These are really nice products, Crush being in the original line but they have since come out with more shiny and matte finishes since. Crush is a good mix between a berry and red. It looks more red in the swatch but actually pulls more purple on me. It's very easy and comfortable to wear, so if you're scared of dark lips then this is a great one! Another good one if you want something that won't dry out the lips. Perfect for the day, and if you want to transition it into a night shade, pair it over a darker lip liner like Currant, Vino or Nightmoth by MAC.

L-R: Cinnamon Spice, Black Night Water - Oops, Crush.

4. Kiko Velvet Matte - #614.
Okay, first of all this packaging is beautiful and super cool. Onto what's inside, which is what counts, right?! The velvet matte formula from Kiko is a cross between a satin and a matte from MAC. They definitely apply like a matte, no sheen or shine, but don't tug at the lips or feel drying. I have 2 shades in the range and just wish there were more to choose from. That being said, this is a really nice pink mauve which is perfect for those who aren't crazy about super dark lips. This is sort of a pink-ier version of "that" Kyle Jenner lip. A nice, more "mature" vintage pink lip colour but one that goes with a lot of different looks for this time of year.

5. OCC Lip Tar - Black Dahlia.
Ah, Black Dahlia. The laaaav of my life. I really like this product. Even though I have tonnes of colours like it (let's face it, it's different but really it's the same as every other vampy lip colour I own) and I feature another colour similar to this one in this post. But I don't care. I love this one, it has such a nice formula and I love how it dries down to a completely matte formula. When this is on, it's not going anywhere. I reviewed Black Dahlia here if you want to know more about my thoughts on it and how it looks on! In the swatch, it was in the process of drying and I wanted to blend it out around the edges to show how intense (or diluted) it can be if you prefer more of a stain. It also looks more pinky/red as opposed to deep burgundy purple when it's sheered out a little.

Wearing OCC Black Dahlia.
6. Urban Decay - Shame. 
I LOVE the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. They are hands down one of my favourite formulas. Shame is the darkest shade in the range, a vampy wine colour. It is very very very similar to Black Dahlia, so unless you're a dark lipstick hoarder then I don't actually think you need both. I thought I'd mention the two, though, because Shame may be more accessible to my readers in the UK/Ireland and the formula is creamy, it doesn't dry down to a matte quite like the OCC one does.

L-R: #614, Black Dahlia, Shame.

7. MAC - Kinda Sexy (matte).
I mentioned this in a recent MAC haul where I said at first I was hesitant to get it. This was soon rectified and it quickly became my favourite nude. I prefer a darker, more beige/peach nude at this time of year and Kinda Sexy is perfect. It isn't as pale as Myth (which is typically my go to nude) but it isn't so brown that it starts looking very 90's or Kylie Jenner-esque. It just WORKS. I love it. Buy it. It makes your lips look like inflated little pillows of prettiness and it really does just make them look, well, sexy!

MAC Kinda Sexy.
8. MAC - Plumful (lustre).
Plumful is one I mentioned in my top 10 favourite permanent MAC lipsticks and it will always be the case. I like this lipstick all year round, but I always gravitate towards this when school/college rolls around. It strikes the perfect balance between a mauve nude, a pink and a purple. I actually often replace a nude with this lipstick in the autumn because it isn't too bright or overpowering, but adds such colour to your face no matter what other makeup you have on. The subtle plum/purple tones make it perfect for this time of year, especially, again, if Black Dahlia isn't your cup of OCC tea.

L-R: Kinda Sexy, Plumful.

9. MAC - Dubonnet (amplified). 
Dubonnet is still to this day one of the only dark colours (along with Diva, which, did I even need to mention?!) that actually pulls red instead of purple on me. I get that problem a lot, and I also find that "deep" "Old Hollywood" "vampy" red shades don't actually look vampy or dark at all, they look as bright as Russian Red (whic I would describe as a mid-tone red) or even Ruby Woo (a touch brighter than Russian Red!). Anyway, Dubonnet does the job... I just wish it were more matte! That being said, it's still a great formula. Doesn't dry out your lips, is pigmented and opaque. I always always pair this with a lip liner, though. Otherwise I notice definite bleeding throughout the wear but that's typical with any dark or red shade! I love this shade when I want a classy, true Old Hollywood red.

10. MAC - Heroine (matte).
Last but certainly not least is another newbie to the bunch. Heroine doesn't really need much explaining - look at it! I talked about this in the MAC Haul with Kinda Sexy but it's just an amazing colour. I think people should wear true Barney purple lips more in general, cause they're feckin' deadly. but winter is an especially good time to wear it. I don't know what it is about purple but the plum tones in during this time of year just makes it even more beautiful. I've worn this quite a lot since getting it, and I've been really enjoying experimenting with different lip liners underneath to create different effects, some brighter and some more vampy. Nightmoth and Magenta are great ones that completely transform this lipstick!

L-R: Dubonnet, Heroine.

And that's everything.. well, not everything or else I would be here until next winter talking about dark lipstick. I absolutely love dark lips and think that anyone can wear them no matter what hair colour, skin tone, lip size or shape you have. It's all about finding a good lip liner to perfect the shade, the right shade and texture for you, and, most importantly, the confidence to wear it! Are you a fan of dark lips? Let me know below what your favourite shades for autumn/winter are! As always, if you have any requests or there's something you'd like to see next on my blog then please let me know :) x