Saturday, 15 November 2014

Review | Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit.

It's not secret that finding a good contour product can be hard, but a good contouring product from a budget brand? Unheard of... until now! I'd seen this product pop up on a few beauty blogger Instagrams and with the inner drag queen in my always looking for new sculpting products, I decided to take up the Boots 3 for 2 offer and give this a go.

First off, I love the clever name. Lame, so lame, but I thought I'd mention it anyway! I also really like the packaging. Very Nars-esque but without the horrible dirt/powder attracting rubber texture. Sleek and compact with a good mirror. I approve already.
Inside are a highlight and contour powder duo. The texture is the same for both - creamy and pigmented, not chalky and definitely blendable. I already knew after one application that this would be a good one for beginners, it's so easy to blend!

I'll talk about the highlight first, because it's actually my favourite of the 2 powders. Now, this highlight is nothing like most "highlighters". It's not Soft and Gentle and it will not give you a shimmery/sheen/glow. This has ZERO shimmer/glitter/frost/anything. It's completely completely matte. Now, this might disappoint some people but I personally have lots of shimmery glittery bright highlighters that I used and love. However, I've been on the hunt for a good off-white/pale powder for setting around my undereye concealer, my forehead and down the centre of my nose. I really like this because it isn't chalky or ashy, and is a similar concept to the MAC sculpting powders (like Emphasize). So, as I said, not going to give you a sheen or glow, so I use an actual shimmer highlight for the tops of my cheekbones, but this is a great powder for brightening!

Next is the contour shade. Now, for the price I really can't knock the compact overall. I do enjoy this, but I don't know if I'd necessarily choose it as my go-to "contour". The only reason I say this is because I typically prefer a cool toned contour (NYX Taupe Blush is my favourite). That being said, it has a great formula and is completely matte, so you absolutely could get away with it for contouring. I will definitely use it, probably more as a matte bronzer. My only gripe with it (and with a lot of "contouring" powders) is that it isn't quiteeee cool toned enough for me. But hey, it's not so warm that it's orange so we're all safe there!

Regardless of the warmer toned contour, it still makes a great bronzer/contour duo and I really do think this product is fab. This is definitely a similar concept to the Sleek contour kit (which I love!) but the 17 contour powder is slightly lighter than even the Sleek fair/light one, so great for pale skins if you don't mind a slightly warmer contour. In addition, the Sleek highlight does have shimmer in it, so while the concept is the same, the products really aren't. For that reason, I don't think there's any harm in owning both... I would use the 17 duo alone just for the brightening powder - it's so gooood! Overall, I'd definitely recommend it, particularly for the price. It's less than €8 and Boots are currently (/always?) doing a 3 for 2... treat yoself to Kim K cheekbonezzzz! 

What are your favourite contouring/highlight products? Particularly your favourite "wow" highlighter. Do you contour and highlight every day or just for special occasions? Let me know below! :) x