Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Winter Nail Picks.

I love dark nails around this time of year. Black, burgundy, navy, greys. I love the way they look with a shiny top coat and a dark vampy lip. I also love glitter, too, so you know I had to include just a liiiiittle bit of that. Most of the glitter polishes I have are limited edition from different OPI or Barry M collections, but I will say that Barry M has the best range for fun polishes so definitely check that stand out first!

I thought I would include these photos here, because this is how I store my small nail polish collection in my house in Galway. Back home I have a more practical pull out drawer to house all my polishes, but if you have a handful of ones you want to display I think a cake stand is super cute! I originally bought it to hold rings and watches etc (which works great, too!) but I decided to put a polish on the bottom tray one day and thought it looked nice. You can pick these up super cheap in Tiger for about €4 or find some really gorgeous and more detailed ones if you shop around!                                   


1. Primark/Penneys P.S Polish
Unfortunately, I threw away the packaging and so I can't find the exact name or number for this, but it's the only navy blue one they had so it shouldn't be too hard to find in stores! I really like this nail polish, particularly for the price (€1.50!) and I'll definitely be going back for more. I love a navy blue around this time of year with a dark red lip, and this one is still bright without being too neon or cobalt blue.

2. Kiko - #66
This shade is so stunning and it's one of my most worn this season. I picked this up in France and fell in luuurv with it. My camera will never do it justice but it's a blackened purple base shot through with tonnes of violet sparkle and burgundy sheen. It also has a slight golden amber sheen. Such a stunning and unique shade!

3. Barry M - Watermelon
I really love the hi-shine gelly formula by Barry M and I think this is a great "dark but still colour" shade for this time of year. It's a mix between a forest green and teal. It reminds me of Plumage eyeshadow by MAC which is probably why I love it so much. Barry M are without a doubt one of my favourite nail polish brands around.

4. Essie - Smokin' Hot
This shade is perfect for autumn and winter. I love grey nails but this is more than just a slate grey which makes it even more interesting. It's a dark taupe grey that has purple undertones and goes with so many outfits and makeup looks. I love how it looks on the nail because again, it's dark without being too dark or even completely black. For a flat cream finish it has a lot of dimension and can look different colours (more grey, more purple) depending on the light.

5. Catrice - Caught On The Red Carpet
I have a few Catrice polishes and I think they're really lovely for the price - they last forever on my nails regardless of what top coat I use. I love a deep, almost brown red on the nails for this time of year. It really is just a classic nail colour that always looks good against a tacky Christmas jumper or LBD. This goes on slightly darker than what it looks in the bottle and I absolutely love it! This is definitely on my most worn this season.

6. Maybelline Colour Show - Purple Dazzle
I'd heard a lot of good things about the Maybelline nail range and always saw some nice shades but never picked them up until now. They now have a range of about 4-5 glitter polishes - and I love glitter polishes! (well, the effect but not so much the removal!) This shade is absolutely stunning as a glitter topcoat. I've been pairing it with the Kiko and Primark polishes and I love the look it gives. This is the best time of year to wear glitter head to toe (literally) and I will definitely be going back for more of the glitter shades.

What colour are you wearing on your nails right now? Let me know below! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram Twitter and Bloglovin for blog updates, mini hauls and makeup/beauty chats! :)