Monday, 15 December 2014

FOTD | Comfort Zone Smokey Eye (Wet n Wild Tutorial)

I bought the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette (along with their Petal Pusher one) AGES ago, when I first saw they had come to Ireland. I swatched the shadows briefly, thought they were gorgeous and typical me stuck them at the back of a drawer never to be seen again. I recently saw someone mention Club eyeshadow by MAC in a tutorial and remembered Wet n Wild having an exact dupe of Club in the Comfort Zone palette. Club, and the definer shade in this palette are warm brown shadows with a blue/green shift which looks amazing when it hits the light at different angles. Club is easily one of MAC's best selling shadows - but I actually prefer the Wet n Wild one! It's more pigmented, shows up more "blue" and you can get the entire Wet n Wild palette (10 shadows) for about €6... a fraction of the price of a single mediocre MAC one! 

Anyway, dupes aside, I wanted to use this palette because I haven't featured any Wet n Wild shadows on my blog so far, I love them almost as much as their lipsticks! I think this is a great shade if you, ironically, want to get out of your comfort zone just a teeeeny bit. The palette itself is mostly neutral, with the blue/brown shade and a few olive greens. I think the blue/brown shade is such a fantastic way to wear colour if you're a neutral girl at heart. So, to truly bust out of the comfort zone, I used it in a smokey eye tutorial, taking you through all the steps to create this look which I think would be perfect for Christmas parties coming up! This look is really easy to create, keeping the dark shades on the inner/outer corners and using the blue/brown colour in the centre and lower lash-line. I used lashes for maximum impact, but they're always an option! Keeping it easy, I opted for no winged liner which means there's no excuse not to try this look for your next night out! When using such dark shades, I'd definitely recommend using a sticky base/primer and doing your foundation last! Finally, I kept the cheeks warm and peachy with some peach nude lips. Hope you guys enjoy! :)

1. Primed lids and transition colour onnnn. I used a matte shade from MAC (no guesses as to which one I used...) purely because I  wanted to keep that area mostly matte as I blend the shadows up. Unfortunately the Comfort Zone palette doesn't come with any matte shades, so I just added my own. No biggie, the palette is still fantastic! Use a matte bronzer instead if you want, any brown shade will do!
2. I applied a creamy shadow to the lid to make sure the shadows really stick to the lid. Optional, but I'd definitely recommend it when using these shadows. They're definitely pigmented, but they need a little helping hand sometimes. It also minimizes fall-out under the eyes, too.
3. I packed on the definer colour (left side of the palette) onto the inner and outer corners of the lid. I'd done this technique before lots of times on here, but I love the halo/spotlight look it gives! It's a very very deep chocolate brown with some shimmer. When you're finished packing the colour onto the lid, blend a little bit up into the outer crease for more depth.
4. I took a clean flat brush and patted the definer shade from the left side of the palette onto the centre of the lid. This blue/brown shade is a pain to photograph but it's so stunning. Big fan.
5. I chose to skip out on winged liner and just lined my upper and lower waterlines with black. You could use brown, too, but I pictured this in my head as a night-out smokey eye so I think a smudgy black pencil would work best. I buffed the transition shade in the first step under the lashline, and added a teeny bit of the blue/brown definer shade close to the lashes. 
6. Foundation, brows, and lashes! I have a full brow routine here if you're interested in knowing more! I also added the gold brow-bone shade in the palette onto my inner corners to bring light to the area since the inner lid is so dark!

Products Used:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion - Eden
  • MAC Pro Longwear Eyeshadow - Uninterrupted
  • Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette - Gold Browbone (tearduct), Chocolate Brown Definer (inner/outer corners), Blue/Brown Definer (centre lid)
  • Urban Decay Eyeliner - Zero
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade - Dark Brown (review here)
  • Ardell Demi Wispie Lashes
  • MAC Mineralize Blush - Warm Soul
  • No. 7 Lipliner - Nude
  • MAC Lipstick - Kinda Sexy

 Hope you all enjoyed this darker look! It's one I'd definitely wear for a night out and I think it has the perfect amount of colour without being too crazy. Please follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin' for new post :) x