Monday, 29 December 2014

Bargain Synthetic Kabuki Brushes | Sigma/Zoeva Dupes.

If you're into beauty or have watched a single Jaclyn Hill video, I'm sure most girls know about the synthetic kabuki craze. In fact, I'm sure some of you even own one or two! I love these kind of brushes, and have been using various different ones from Sephora, ELF and Real Techniques for ages. Sigma, Blank Canvas, Zoeva, Sedona Lace and plenty of online brush brands came out with a series of different shaped kabuki brushes (for both the face and the eyes). Although a lot of Sigma brushes are certainly cheaper than MAC, they're still bloody expensive - especially for their synthetic kabuki brushes. All of the kabuki brushes that these online brands have to offer are always the same, just with Sigma or Sedona lace on the handle. They generally consist of; a flat top kabuki, a founded one, an angled one and a tapered brush with matching smaller brushes for the eyes.

I had seen a couple of posts about Real Techniques dupes on eBay, whereby the factory RT brushes are sold are essentially selling the same colour handle brushes for a fraction of the price. I did a little more eBay research (the US government should hire me, yo) and soon found a couple of sellers who were offering almost identical Sigma kabuki style brushes... for SO cheap. Now, I have never actually tried a Sigma brush, but you can pretty much guarantee these are all made in the same factory, just with a different name stuck on the handle. ONE of the Sigma kabuki brushes costs $24 (without shipping).. I would personally prefer to get TEN of these eBay kabuki brushes for less than €13 (and free shipping!)... wouldn't you? ;)

This post is really just going to show you the brushes and briefly what I use them for. The main reason I'm doing this post, though, is because I just think they're such a great bargain that everyone should know about! They come in a couple of different handle colours and upon further inspection they also sell other types of brushes for just as cheap that I will definitely be looking into next! My friend Susan over at What's New With Suzie Q  bought an identical set online in pink so she can vouch for their quality too! They are really excellent quality and so affordable. Something to keep in mind for birthday/Christmas presents, for building up your brush kit or even just to buy for the sheer bargain thrill of it.. #TreatYoSelf. Here is the particular seller I bought mine from, but eBay is full of 'em so you may be able to find them for even cheaper! 

The face brushes are particularly great for cream/liquid products. I like the flat topped one for setting my face with powder, the round brush for foundation (but I often rotate with powder/foundation between those two brushes!), the 2 slightly angled kabukis (flat and round) are also great for foundation, and I use those when I'm in between washing my other brushes (guilty!). I had heard the tapered face brush was great for undereye concealer (everyone and their mother seems to love this technique!) but I honestly find it's just too big for such a precise area, so I like to use this for cream contour. The matching eye brushes are handy little things to have for a number of things. I've been using them for concealer under the eyes/around the face, nose contouring and for both cream and powder eyeshadows too.
Flat topped kabuki.
Flat angle kabuki.
Tapered kabuki.
Found topped kabuki.
Round angle kabuki.
I hope this was helpful to some of ye, especially if you were considering purchasing any of these brushes from the more expensive brands... now you can get 9 more for less than the price of one! I'm really excited about these brushes... probably because of how much of a bargain they are! What are your bargain/dupe finds that you're really proud of? Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up to date with posts! x