Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Finds from the Emerald Isle | Nía Natural Beauty.

When Lisa Eldridge says you need a cleansing balm, you best be believin' you need a cleansing balm. So, when Lisa Eldridge says you need a cleansing balm, of course I'm all about supporting Irish beauty brands. When Nía reached out to me a while back and asked me to try out one of their best selling products I was all about it. I try and keep my skincare routine as natural and gentle as possible, and after having used their cleansing balm for most of April and all of May I knew I had to feature this in a Finds from the Emerald Isle! 
Before I get into the product itself, Nía specialize in natural beauty and skincare products for all different needs. They're also 100% Irish, so it feels so nice putting something on my mug at the end of the day that was made practically down the road. P.S. if you're like me, and were curious (but equally was crap at Irish in secondary school) Nía means "Radiance" #TheMoreYouKnow

Nía Natural Beauty.

The Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm is a solid cleanser/balm free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil... that kinda thing. The packaging is simple but super cute and has a little "you're amazing" on the box which I thought was lovely - it's all about the little details, guys. It comes with 3 cleansing cloths (100% bio-degradable) and a little wooden spatula for scooping out the product. I found the cleansing cloths a bit too thin and flimsy to use, but others might find them nice to have. I personally prefer to use this cleanser just with a warm thick face cloth from good aul' Penneys. 

Now, onto the product itself. THIS STUFF IS BEAUTIFUL. First off, I feel like all skin types could use it because it is so gentle. It contains cocoa butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E, rose, lavender and neroli oil. Lots of fantastic natural ingredients which makes it perfect for even really sensitive skin prone to the likes of eczema or allergic reactions due to chemically heavy products.

Nía Natural Skincare
I personally use this as a makeup remover, because the balm/oil makes it perfect to break down all of my eye and face makeup (glitter, heavy duty foundation, matte lipsticks.. everything!). That being said, very dry or sensitive skins could get away with using this solely as a cleanser. Because I have oily skin, (and wear so much makeup regularly that I like to "double" cleanse) I use a separate cleanser after I remove my makeup with the Nía balm. That doesn't mean I could never use this just as a cleanser, though. I've used it at night on days where I haven't worn any makeup and it hasn't left my skin feeling overly greasy, so it might be a nice nourishing treat for even oily skins once or twice a week. I'd say even if you have oily skin and wouldn't rely on this as a cleanser, I think it makes a kick ass makeup remover. Something I appreciate about this product is that (and this may sound strange...) but it didn't leave a cloudy/greasy film in my eyes when taking off my mascara which is something I've experienced with other cleansing oils at times. Thanks for not making me temporarily blind, Nía. ALWAYS mucho appreciated.

Nía Calendula & Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm
So cuteeeee!
So, it removes makeup amazingly and feels so nice and gentle on the skin. The results? My skin felt incredibly soft. Seriously, I think it kind of has to be felt to be believed. After cleansing, my skin usually feels quite tight and stiff afterwards, but my cheeks and sides of my nose felt soft and... supple? What a weird word to say, but it's so true. I think my skin looked brighter too, but the softness was definitely noticeable from first use. Overall, I think as a cleanser/makeup remover it definitely fulfills its purpose - it leaves my skin feeling clean but also doesn't strip anything away by doing so. I absolutely love this product, and would recommend it for both dry and sensitive skins as a cleanser, and makeup lovin' gals as a luxurious feeling makeup remover. You can purchase the cleansing balm, and have a look at all the other Nía products on their website. The Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm is €19.95 and I can't stress enough that a little goes a long, long way. The little chunk of balm melts and spreads over the skin so quickly that you don't need a lot to massage all over the skin. I can't believe I got through this entire blog post without making a "knock knock/orange-ya gonna" joke. Damn. 
As always, don't forget to let me know what you think below - have you tried any Nía products? Will you be looking into a cleansing balm in the future? I'm also on Twitter and Instagram for more makeup and skincare chats :)