Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Parisian Summer | Bronzing with Bourjois.

A few weeks ago I was sent a super lovely package from Bourjois filled with some of their newest products. Their summer collection was something I really wanted to share with ye (even though I'm a little late to the party posting this in August)... Nonetheless, I present to you... the perfect threesome of bronzing products from Bourjois!

First up is the BB Bronzing Cream (€11.99). Funnily enough, this was the thing I was least excited about but it has actually become one of my go-to products for a summer face. This has such a nice consistency, a really thin gel feel that glides onto the skin giving a sheer tint. I like this because it has no shimmer or glitter in it and yet it still provides a sheen to the skin, without looking overly dewy. It provides more colour/tan than actual coverage but it works nicely as both a primer for some extra glow, or alone to just perk up the skin. I've been wearing more false tan recently so sometimes I'll use it as a primer, then I mix it in with a bit of my foundation to deepen it ever, ever so slightly. On days where I don't want to wear foundation but equally don't want a tanned neck and white face (not a cute look), I use this and it just balances everything out. It also has an SPF of 15 so it's nice knowing there is a little more protection along with my SPF 30 that I wear on da daily, yo'. 
Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream
Next up is the Bronzing Primer (€11.99). This is marketed as a blur skin perfector which provides a smooth and flawless tan. Bourjois has a product in their regular line that is quite similar to this but it's not as warm and not as mattifying. If you do tan and wanted to use this as a primer you definitely could - or you could use it as a light coverage on the face to just balance out the false tanned neck/Casper face look I previously mentioned. I used this as more of a cream/mousse bronzer and it worked nicely as a sheer tint. Even though it is very warm, it is quite sheer (although it does provide more colour than the BB cream) so I feel like pale girls could still get away with this as a bronzer, but probably not as an all over product on its own. This is very "smoothing" feeling and I think it's best suited to the more normal-oily skin types if you did want to use it as an all over smoothing primer. Not my favourite item, I actually prefer the bronzing primer in their regular range.
Bourjois Bronzing Primer
Last up is my favourite product in the collection; their Matte Illusion Bronzing Powder (€10.49). I loveee this bronzer - something I never really thought I would say about a product that I don't have any loyalties to. It claims to smooth the skin and leave a sun-kissed effect and it definitely delivered. It feels so soft and air-like to the touch in the pan, and that effect transfers beautifully onto the skin when it's applied. Although it is, again, quite warm, it isn't super dark and its softness means it's very easily blended into the skin so I think pale girls will get along swimmingly with it. It is honestly so hard to mess up. Although it has no shimmer or glitter, it does have a very skin like sheen to it which I really, really enjoy and that formula really reminds me of something like the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish range. It's also worth mentioning that it's one of the only bronzers that I found not to look patchy or muddy when I applied it to bare skin or without heaps of foundation and setting powder underneath. I'm a big fan and this will be living in my makeup bag right through to autumn and winter. If you only bought one thing from this range - buy this!
Bourjois Bronzing Powder

L-R: BB cream, bronzing primer, bronzing powder
Will you be getting your glow on with Bourjois for the remainder of the summer? Let me know what you think of this bronzing trio in the comments below! x