Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Nudes You Need.

I think the (makeup) world is made up of two different kinds of people; people who only feel comfortable wearing nude lipsticks or neutral eyeshadows and then those who hate nude lipsticks and fear the "concealer" lip look. I hope this post will have a little something for everyone. These are the nudes you "need" ...but then again, who really needs lipstick and blush? For the nude lovers; I hope you'll get some new  recommendations to add to your collection and for the nude-phobes; maybe these products will change your mind about disliking nude lips or cheeks. I love a good nude lip (and have definitely come around to a more flattering, deeper nude nowadays compared to 13 year old me rocking MAC Myth and concealer all over my lips... we all make mistakes, right?) and while I adore brights and colour, I think neutral makeup is just more practical for most people on a daily basis!

The Nudes You Need.

Shall we start with cheeks? I've already spoken about the Max Factor Nude Mauve Creme Puff Blush and my love for the "chic cheek" and this, in my opinion, gives exactly that to your face. They have a slight sheen without being shimmery and the texture is so beautiful. This colour in particular is great for an every day look, or paired with a deep smokey eye if you don't want anything to compete with your eyes or lips. 

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush - Nude Mauve.
I feckin' love the Maybe.line Colour Tattoos. They launched years ago and every now and then (although I wish it were more frequent...) they launch some new shades. Creamy Beige is a beautiful medium toned warm brown with no shimmer. Very similar to MAC Groundwork paintpot and is the easiest and quickest neutral eye you'll ever do. I love using this all over the lid and bringing it up into the crease for lazy day eye makeup, or using it as a base for powder eyeshadows underneath. I'd be lost without this - as I'm sure you can see from the dip in the pot!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo - Creamy Beige.
The Smashbox Full Exposure Palette was a massive hit among beauty bloggers but I never felt the need to purchase it. However, when I saw this little guy in my local Boots I thought it would be a good idea to invest. Smashbox released a mini travel version of their Full Exposure palette, with what I presume are 8 of the most popular shades from the original full sized older sister. I think this was €18/19 and it is such a gem for my travel makeup bag. I do my makeup for work on a bus so this or my Urban Decay Naked Basics lives in my makeup bag. This definitely has more variety than Naked Basics and is the size of a credit card. The packaging is a little flimsy and the lid is super thin but it's a fabulous palette all the same. It has 4 mattes, 1 shimmer/frost and 3 glitter shades that are similar to MAC Pressed Pigments which work best using your finger. If you don't already have the original Full Exposure palette, this is a great one to get. I just love the convenience of this and the shadows are, of course, great quality. 

Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette.
I think every makeup wearer should have a nude or flesh coloured eyeliner in their makeup bag. This isn't a top secret tip - almost everyone knows that a nude liner in the waterline cancels out redness in that area and makes the eyes appear bigger, thus, looking more bright eyed and bushy tailed - and I won't ever not be all about that life. The Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil in Nude is so opaque and really long lasting, it's also really affordable too so there's no excuse not to give it a go. Mine is looking very sorry for itself right now, but I think it just shows how well loved it is. 

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner - Nude
Off the top of my head, there are about 3 lipgloss formulas in my collection that I don't completely 100% hate and the NYX Butter Gloss formula is one of them. First of all... Oh, god. These glosses smell amazing. They're not too sticky and have quite a thin consistency which feel really comfortable on the lips. They come in about 10 shades ranging from bright to nudes but I think Creme Brulée (pictured) is a beautiful pink-brown toned neutral gloss and if you were to only pick up one, I would say it should be this one. It's quite sheer on its own which I think a lot of people will enjoy, but I like to layer it on top of a lipliner and lipstick and find it just makes the lips look really plump and pretty. Big fan. 

NYX Butter Gloss - Creme Brulée
Honestly, I could have made an entire post showing you my favourite nude lipsticks alone but that would probably be a bit excessive. Narrowing it down to only one was so tough (first world problems right here) but I thought I'd go with a deeper "Kylie Jenner" style nude that is so popular lately... but one that isn't Velvet Teddy. Going off on a bit of a tangent here... I think I've spoken about my dislike for Velvet Teddy on my blog before? Anyway, I'm not a massive fan of that lipstick at all and think a more pink toned brown nude (as opposed to a straight up warm peach brown nude like Velvet Teddy) is just more flattering on myself, personally. Honestly, I'm just 100% bitter towards everyone who can pull Velvet Teddy off, but there you go. So, I present to you the aforementioned "perfect pink toned brown nude" and that would be MAC's Faux lipstick. Satin formula, opaque and quite creamy but very long lasting. Looks good with almost every eye look you pair it with and I think one that will look good on just about every skin tone. I like to pair this with Whirl or Soar lipliner and I'd thoroughly recommend swatching it next time you're at a MAC counter if you don't already own it.

MAC Lipstick - Faux (Satin)
And that's it! Those are the nudes that I love to wear on a daily basis all over ma faaaace. What are your favourite neutral/nude makeup products? Anything I should check out that I haven't already? Let me know below or tweet me @GraceyOConnell and don't forget to follow me via Bloglovin' for more blog posts :) x