Saturday, 6 February 2016

Fine and Damaged Hair (don't) Care | MADES Wonder Volume & Repair Expert.

So I fell off the face of the makeup blogging earth. This is due to a mountain of reasons; mostly to do with travelling back home for Christmas, wanting to actually enjoy my time with friends and family whilst at home, my phone being stolen ( = no Instagram), then travelling back to France to what was one of the most stressful exam periods of my life aaaand finally a real disillusion with the blogging community and a sort of reluctance to write. I'm happy to say that this is all over me now, and I'm so ready to get back to doing what I love most (after Netflix bingin' and looking at photos of cute kittens) and that is talking about lipstick and all other makeup related things. I'm not entirely sure anyone will still bother reading what I have to say, especially since I haven't been on here in over a month but if you're still here to chat makeup then you're great, and thank you. I have a tonne of things to talk about on here so stick with me for the next few weeks while I shoot out some favourites, empties, yadda yadda yaddaaaaadada.

Okay, so I lied. Today's post isn't about lipstick. It's about hair products. A shampoo and hair mask to be exact. These were actually sent to me back in October for review consideration but I wanted to wait until I was pretty much finished using them until I posted about them on here. In short, I am in luuuuurv. I don't really dabble outside of my comfort zone when it comes to hair products in the shower - if you know me you know I love pretty much anything Schwarzkopf does. That being said, I found that my hair was hating me soon after I moved to France and my usual hair products just weren't cutting it. I think the water over here had a lot to do with it because subsequently my skin changed pretty much overnight too but that is completely irrelevant okay Grace talk about the damn shampoo. 
Here's where MADES comes in... and pretty much saves my hair/life. A brand I had never heard of before in my life, but one I will definitely be using more of in the future. For a bit of background, my hair is super fine but really frizzy and dry/damaged from bleach which makes it an absolute pain to treat.

This was my first go at a sulfate free shampoo: the Wonder Volume Luxurious Lifting Shampoo. Honestly the attraction here wasn't the sulfate free aspect, although I know that's a big thing for a lot of people, particularly with keratin bonded extensions. This is specifically for fine hair and I can absolutely say this made my hair look so voluminous and thick. It made my hair feel super soft, even before conditioning in the shower which is a rarity since my hair usually has more knots than a boy scout. Sulfate shampoo has a tendency not to lather a huge amount, so I initially thought I needed more than I did to really clean my hair -  don't make this mistake and lash through it! I've completely finished this up and will definitely be buying this when I'm back home. I'd suggest this to anyone with fine hair, and maybe looking into their other sulfate free shampoos if you have hair extensions!

I love a good hair mask. I'm actually thinking of including a much loved one in what could be a controversial over-hyped products post but thankfully it definitely won't be this one from MADES. The Repair Expert Restore Strength is a keratin based hair mask and if you know anything about me and my hair story, you know I am a big fan of anything keratin. Keratin is the natural fibrous protein that your hair is naturally made out of, and I love using products containing it on my hair. This mask contains 6 natural oils intended for fragile or damaged locks. I will stand here with my hand (holding a GHD) in the air and say that yes, my hair is damage central. I won't tell you that you'll see instant results with this, I wasn't immediately blown away by it (except for the smell, oh my GOD this smells incredible) but after using it for about 3 weeks I really, really noticed a difference. I remember being in Berlin around November/early December and my friends saying to me how much of a difference they noticed in the condition of my hair since they first met me in September (pre MADES days!). I was absolutely chuffed and completely put it down to the hair mask. Now, it claims on the bottle that it has a "conditioning memory style technology" to restore the hair. I don't know how true that is, I think it could just be very gimmicky to be perfectly honest with you. That being said, I stopped using this about 2 weeks ago (purely due to the fact that I'm running so low on it and love it so much) and I have actually noticed slightly more breakage in my hair now that I'm not using it as often. I shed hair like a Labrador typically but I did notice minimal breakage when regularly using this and I would imagine that is to do with the keratin and oils in the mask. If you're a blondie, I would highly recommend this to save the ends of your hair. Shampoos and conditioners are nice, but I think it's always worth getting a good hair treatment, particularly if you're spending a lot of money getting your hair done in the salon.

Overall I love these and will definitely be branching out to more of their range. Between scent and performance they have a very high quality salon feel about them and offer a lot of different products depending on your hair type or needs. These can be found in McCabes, Meaghers and Health Express, I hope they'll pop up in a few more places soon. I haven't heard a huge amount of talk about these (and I have no idea why, it's honestly such a shame) so if you're tried anything else from them please do let me know what you thought. Similarly, if you see them pop up on your pharmacies shelf then definitely pick up the hair mask at least - your hair will thank me later (sassy girl emoji) x