Friday, 26 February 2016

An Inglot Haul + New HD Matte Lip Tints.

Inglot are some of my very favourite eyeshadows ever ever ever. Whilst I don't feature them a tonne on my blog or Instagram (purely because the numbering system makes them a nightmare to remember/pull of out palettes/reference) they are absolutely top quality. I did a massive swatch fest over a year ago delving into my Inglot eyeshadow palettes (link here if you're interested in seeing swatches of 30 brights and neutrals) which I think some people found quite useful. The number system is a pain, and finding swatches online can be so difficult. I wanted to branch out and try some other products from Inglot, particularly their pigments which my friend Ray uses loads in her YouTube videos. She's stun, the pigments are stun, her videos are stun... I digress. 


Let's start with the more boring stuff, shall we? I picked up a Flexi palette to house some of the single shadows and sculpting powders I have knocking about in drawers back home in Ireland. The Flexi palette is Inglot's version of a Z Palette, I suppose. It has no dividers or slots so you can fit all different sizes and shapes of pans in there. In true Inglot style the magnetic board is such good quality and is really strong. I've only ever used MAC palettes before so I'm really glad to have this in my collection. 
Next is the OG of Inglot products - Duraline. It's basically a reviving elixir/mixing medium. Use it to create liquid liners, an adhesive for pigments and glitters, or apply a few drops to a Dipbrow or gel liner that has on its last legs. There's nothing super exciting about this product but I do think it's a handy one to have!
The 4SS is one of my favourite brushes ever, and so of course I needed another one. I bought my first 4SS years ago, so I don't know if it's bad memory or if they genuinely changed the shape a bit but the newer one seems to be far more tapered and slimmer. My old one is quite fat and fluffy at this stage, although that could just be because it's been well loved and well washed. Either way it's a fab brush, so so soft and I'm happy to have another one. I use this for setting under my eyes, knocking away eyeshadow fall out, contour and/or highlight.

Duraline, 4SS
I hadn't tried any of Inglot's complexion products so I was itching to try some contour and highlight stuff. They have quite a few sculpting powders in their freedom system range, and since I wasn't near a contour to look at the shades myself I decided 504 was the best bet. I think it's the coolest shade in their range, but don't quote me on that. After a few uses I'd can say it's really soft and pigmented, but blends quite effortlessly into the skin. It's really easily buildable, too which is nice. The colour is actually a little warmer than I go for (NYX Taupe is much more grey for reference) but it's nothing too orange thankfully. It reminds me a lot of the MAC Pro sculpting powders, maybe ever so slightly softer than the MAC ones since it does kick up quite a bit of excess powder around the pan when you dig your brush in, but overall a decent contour powder. 

Contour Powder 504
An old work friend of mine who now works in Inglot said I had to try the Sparkle Dust. It's a big pot of shimmer for face, eyes and body and is really popular among Inglot artists for highlighting. Who am I to turn down a highlighter?! I got the shade 02 which is a warm golden highlight. I like to wear both silver/pinks and golden/champagne style highlighters but if you're very fair and only like a cool toned highlight then I'd say maybe look at 01. This is a really nice highlight if you're looking for something dramatic. It is really soft being a loose powder, and has a tonne of shimmer, sparkle and even glitter in it. This isn't going to be for everyone, and I've found that if I apply it dry/onto powdered skin then it can look quite glittery and almost dust off. Howeverrrrr, if you wet your brush with a little Fix+ (which I love to do with a lot of Mineralise Skin Finishes) and apply it to unpowdered cheek bones then this stuff is amazing. So so pretty. I don't think you get the full effect if you use it dry, but used wet it is like little golden amazonian goddesses chilling on your cheekbones.

Sparkle Dust 02
Sparkle Dust (wet), Contour Powder
Pigments are something I don't use often enough, mostly because I just think they're a massive mess and a hassle. I had one Inglot pigment knocking about in a drawer that I loved but never really reached for since I had a lot of bright orange coppers in my pressed eyeshadow collection. My friend Ray uses Inglot pigments quite a bit in her FOTD posts and tutorials and I'm almost oohing and ahhing over them and how unique looking they are. I thought it was time to get my hands on some and see what all the fuss is about. Spoiler alert; the hype is real. So real. Realer than real. These are stunning. The product shots don't do them justice, the swatches don't even do it justice because they're sparkly metallic duochrome reflective goodness can only be fully appreciated when you move your hand in different lights, or tilt your head and bat your lids a certain way. Regardless, these are beautiful and I highly recommend getting to a counter and having a play next time you can. I picked up 3 AMC pigments and 3 pigments from their Stardust collection:

84 is a light moss green with a light warm brown base and chartreuse shimmer running through it. 
85 seems to be their answer to Blue Brown pigment by MAC, but I definitely prefer the Inglot version. It has much more of a blue duochrome and almost looks purple in certain light; something I tried to capture in photos but I don't think it really does it justice! 
86 is a stunning pink copper with a golden yellow sheen.
They're all photographed dry but I would always use Fix+ or Duraline to adhere these to the eyes to really get the full impact of the colours. 

L-R: 84, 85, 86
L-R: 84, 85, 86

114 is a bright light pool blue with icy blue reflects.
115 is a light peachy melon with pink and yellow shift. I've used this wet all over my lid and over a blob of eyeliner mixing medium in my inner corner and it's just beautiful.
120 is a bright pink based purple with subtle blue reflects. This one can look super different depending on the way the light hits which I think is lovely.
The Stardust pigments seem to be more metallic and frosty than the AMC pigments; whereas the AMC's are more duochrome and reflect different colours. Both equally beautiful depending on the effect you're looking for! 

L-R: 114, 115, 120

Lastly is a really exciting one for me and probably a lot of Inglot fans - their new HD Matte Lip Tints. These are essentially Inglot's liquid lipstick formula and are newly released with I believe 10 shades. Once again, I wasn't able to swatch and play with these in store so I chose #17, which I'm almost certain is the lightest, most "nude" shade. This shade is super warm, almost a terracotta orange brown. It isn't my ideal nude but it's still a really pretty colour and I'll happily wear it. Most of the other shades were quite red/bright pink/dark berry colours, which I already have in other liquid lipstick formulas so I'm glad I went with a lighter shade. Colouring aside, this formula is WONDERFUL. I find liquid lipsticks so hit and miss, and I become pickier with the more I try. Sleek and Sephora lip creams are two of my favourite formulas, and I think that the Inglot one is very like the Sleek one only perhaps longer lasting. It dries down truly matte, doesn't ball up or gather inside your mouth, doesn't flake off. It's perfect. This lasted through an Indian curry and several glasses of wine without needing any touch ups. I know it's a new range so the colours are going to be fairly limited but I really do hope they add more to the line in the near future. I'd love to see some other nude shades (some lighter, some more pink nude tones) and some fun colours à la Jeffree Star. Admittedly, I didn't hold very high hopes for these, especially since I wasn't a fan of the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks, but I'm very impressed and can't wait to pick up a few more. They became available for pre order on Inglot's site today!

HD Matte Lip Tint 17

Have you gotten your hands on any Inglot stuff? Any stand out products I need to try next? Let me know below! :)