Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Favourite Lipsticks for Spring and Summer.

Okay, so... I like love lipstick. I love lipstick quite a lot. I think that Spring and Summer is a great time for bright neon and pastel colours on the lips and nails. A crazy bright lipstick is something that looks great with a tan and, when paired with some bronzer and lashings of mascara, can make you look like you've put a lot more effort into your make-up than you really have. When it comes to bright colours like these, it's really all about balance when it comes to the rest of the face. Sometimes I like to go full whack and do a full coverage foundation, eye make-up and a bold lip but I think for most people, a light coverage base, mascara and winged liner would be enough with a neon lipstick. I honestly believe that everyone can wear something this pastel or neon, it's just all about finding a shade that is right for you! A good lip exfoliator and some lip balm beforehand is definitely recommended, too... pastel and neon shades are notorious for settling into lines in the lips and in the words of (any) Kardashian: seriously like, I mean, that is not cute!

Wet N Wild lipsticks are great! I've mentioned in a previous post that the formula and texture of these lipsticks is great and there is a really nice range of colours. The only gripe I have with them is that the packaging is useless but they're so inexpensive I can't reaaaally complain. Anyway, Just Peachy is more on the dark side of peach, but peach nonetheless. It's a great colour to go for if you wear a lot of nude/neutral shades and want to branch out to more colourful lipsticks without being too pastel. If you like to do a lot of dark or more dramatic eye make-up then this is a great colour to go for with a bronze skin because it doesn't compete too much with what you have on the eyes!
Wet N Wild Just Peachy
Maybelline isn't a brand that I gravitate towards when it comes to lipsticks. However, I'd heard a lot about the Colour Sensational Vivid lipsticks and decided to give one a go. The formula is really nice - not completely matte but no shimmer or frost. It's a clean cream texture similar to MAC amplified and is very pigmented but comfortable to wear on the lips. These lipsticks come in 5 shades ranging from a hot pink to a neon red so if you're into bright/bold lipsticks, I'm sure you'll find a lipstick or 2 that you like! I have to admit, I'm not an orange lips wearer.. I'm not even really a coral lips kind of gal. I picked Shocking Coral up because it's the right amount of orange and pink (the pink definitely helps balance this one and stops it from looking too orange). I'm not totally converted to coral lipstick, but if you want to try one then this is a nice one to go for!
Maybelline Shocking Coral

I love this next lipstick. In one word, it's amazing. It's neon, it's matte, it's highlighter retina burning acid pink and it's fantastic. The best part is that it's really inexpensive, too. Barry M #52 is a brilliant dupe for MAC's Candy Yum-Yum, too. I don't even think my camera is doing this shade justice - it really is a briiiiight hot pink. Definitely not for everyone but this shade looks amazing on lots of different skin tones. I've seen this, and Candy Yum-Yum used on the palest and darkest of skin tones - and everything in between. If you liked Candy Yum-Yum but don't want to fork out the money on a shade you probably won't use everyday, or just wanted to give neon lips a try without committing to an eighteen euro lipstick, then this is a great one to buy.
Barry M #52

Barry M strikes again! This brand does lipstick and nail polish really well, and have a lot of 'unusual' shades you wouldn't necessarily find readily available in Boots! Barry M is great to try out lipstick trends for a relatively low cost and if you find that you don't like blue or lilac lips, then there's no harm.. nothin' ventured, nothin' gained. #129 seems fairly intimidating in the tube - and it can be, depending on how much you apply. I'd equate this to a lustre finish from MAC, but with a bit more buildability (is that even a word? my spell check is saying no but I think you get what I mean). Basically, you can apply a very thin coat for a sheer wash of colour on the lips but you can apply a bit more and build it to a more opaque (but not fully opaque) lilac/lavender lip. There is definitely more blue/grey than pink in this lipstick so it's not going to be for everyone but pastel lips are a lot of fun for Spring so I'd say give it a go! ps. this is a very soft lipstick and can break easily (see below for sad lipstick with chunks taken out of the side) so be careful when applying!
Barry M #129

Revlon Lip Butters are the cat's pajamas for someone who wants a brighter lip in Summer but hates the feeling of a full on lipstick. These are light, sheerer, balmy textured lip tints that don't dry out your lips and are pretty much fuss free in application. They feel so comfortable on and have a tonne of shades to choose from - a lot of them very summer appropriate. Lollipop is a hot blue based pink shot through with subtle violet and silver shimmer. It's glossy/shiny on the lips and would look good on a lot of different skin tones.
Revlon Lip Butter - Lollipop

MAC are one of my favourite brands for lipsticks and do some great bolder shades that suit a variety of skin tones. Saint Germain is a shade that I, honestly, hate on myself but I really wanted to include it because it's such a cult favourite and I have seen it look amazing on a lot of other people. It's a bright pepto bismol shade and if you can pull it off, I say do it! It's an amplified finish and so is very opaque and creamy... you could easily blot it on the lips if you don't want to do for such a stark look!

Creme Cup is one that I had to include, it's one of my favourites! It's a nude colour, but it's a pale pink nude that is flattering on pretty much everyone. It adds a pop of colour to the lips without being anywhere near pastel or neon and so is one that I could see a lot of people grabbing for (any time of the year, really!). This shade is comfortable on the lips, it's a creme sheen finish so it's creamy and glossy, fairly pigmented but also easy to wear and fuss-free. If you have a wedding or a debs coming up this summer, this is a shade I'd recommend to a lot of people (maybe I'm just bias because I wore it to my debs... but honestly this shade is great!).

Finally, I felt compelled to add in a red lip. I typically go for darker reds, but I do like to wear a brighter, more pin-up style red occasionally. Ruby Woo is the lipstick that needs no introductions. It's a definite cult classic among make-up artists and make-up enthusiasts everywhere and with pretty good reason! Admittedly, I didn't love this lipstick instantly (like I did with Russian Red). Now, I love it! I won't lie, the texture is a retro matte and so drags on the lips slightly. However, this makes for insaaaane staying power (probably the longest wearing lipstick I own!) and if you exfoliate and use a heavy duty lipbalm beforehand, then it isn't really a problem! I pair this with Cherry lipliner (also by MAC) and always get compliments on my lip colour that day. It's not too blue based but not so orangey that it makes your teeth look yellow so it's a red that I say 99.99999% of the lipstick wearing population should own. Shades like Morange, Vegas Volt, Impassioned and Costa Chic are also honourable mentions to look at if you prefer more of an orange/coral lip in the Summertime!
MAC Saint Germain (Amplified) 

MAC Creme Cup (Creme sheen)

MAC Ruby Woo (Matte)

Just Peachy, Shocking Coral, #52, #129

Ruby Woo, Creme Cup, Saint Germain, Lollipop

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