Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Review: Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnaminty

This was my first time buying Mask of Magnaminty but I'd heard so many great things about it from friends who had used it before. The fantastic thing about Lush is that they have so many different products to offer and there always seems to be something new to me that I haven't tried before. Something cool to note about the most recent batch of this mask is that it is now formulated as "self preserving", essentially meaning its paraben free! (the perks of having a friend who works at Lush and knows Lush code, she constantly has to explain it to me in layman's terms). If you're interested, I have previously reviewed Ocean Salt. I am a huge fan of their skincare products and hope to review more of them in the future!

This is a peppermint mask which helps with breakouts on the skin and all over the body. That means it can be used on the face, or the back and chest area if you suffer from acne in that region. The texture is thick and lumpy due to the aduki beans (act as a gentle exfoliator) and of course has a very peppermint smell. The peppermint present in the mask causes a slight tingle to the skin, but nothing that even sensitive skins couldn't handle - in fact, it's quite refreshing! I apply this onto clean damp skin, in a thin layer, (avoiding the eye area) leave for 10 minutes and rinse (yep, it's that simple!). I've found the best time to use this is right after a shower because the steam opens up the pores and allows the mask to, for lack of a better phrase, "do it's thaaaaaang". I follow this with a (Lush) toner and moisturiser and after rinsing, I notice that my skin feels incredibly soft and toned (without feeling tight). I'd recommend using this mask once a week if sensitive and twice if you have oily skin. I think those with oily skin would definitely benefit the most from this mask because of the wonderful ingredients that help to combat acne prone areas.

The ingredients are natural or made from safe synthetics and include: peppermint oil (cooling and invigorating), honey (a moisturizing antiseptic and also great for sensitive skin!), kaolin (cleanses and absorbs excess oils), ground aduki beans (gently polishes and exfoliates the skin, renewing cells and warms the surface of the skin). I have very oily skin with a lot of blemishes and this is a great mask if you experience the same issues. Acne prone skin can be a tough thing to deal with at any age and on any area of the body and so this would be ideal for those with blemish prone skin on the back or chest to try in time for summer if you wanted to expose your back or shoulders etc. 

Overall, I really like this product from Lush and will definitely repurchase. Its worth noting that Mask of Magnaminty, like Ocean Salt, comes in 2 different pot sizes (£5.25 for 125g and £9.25 for 315g). I have the smaller of the 2 and find it sufficient if you intend to use it on either only the face or smaller acne prone areas. If you want to use it on both your back and face, it would probably work out cheaper to buy the bigger size. However, it's definitely worth (politely) asking your local Lush store for a sample to try before forking out the money for it! Another great thing about Lush is their black pot recycle programme whereby you bring back 5 (clean) pots and can receive a free fresh face mask (sadly excluding Mask of Magnaminty but includes some great masks nonetheless!). In a similar vein to Ocean Salt, I like the packaging, I like the product, I tolerate the smell (not a huge peppermint fan but it's by no means offensive) and I really like what it has done for my skin so far and can see it being in my next favourites post. Unfortunately, I am unaware of € prices of Mask of Magnaminty as I purchased it in the closest store to me (Newry). This product can be bought online at https://www.lush.co.uk/products/masks/mask-magnaminty or alternatively, in Belfast, Newry, Dublin (Grafton St. and Henry St.) or Cork. 

Thank you for reading... aaaaaand cue super attractive face mask selfie. 

I'm pretty sure The Hulk has an illegitimate green child running around Ireland. Next blog post: how to attract Ryan Gosling.